I forget how much I love spinning till I pick up my sets and it all comes back. 

I’ve been into the art of poi for seven years now. What started as something to do at the beach became a passion, which then grew into a business. I’ve since sold that business but the love of spinning still runs in me and I don’t think it’ll ever leave. 

I still get a rush when I light up my sets. From the smell of the kerosene, the heat, and THAT sound. You can’t really describe the overpowering sound the fire makes as it swooshes through the air and feeds on the oxygen. It’s pretty phenomenal.

If you’re interested in learning, I highly recommend contacting Planet Zips back in the Philippines to start your training. 

Photo by Mathew Graham of FXPHD

* By the time this post gets published, I’ll hopefully be exploring the streets of Berlin. 🙂