How Do You Use 140 Characters?

I’ve been on Twitter for two years now and I do enjoy the connections I’ve made with phenomenal people I might never have had the privilege of meeting in the real world.

People who send tweets with helpful links, make me laugh out loud with their witty messages, or enlighten others with important announcements. They are a joy to see on my feed. 

What I don’t understand are those I’ve found myself following who use this form of social media to rant about the smallest nuances they come across. 

Yes, I understand the line in the grocery can be long, that the customer service rep was dropped as a child, and the waiter in the restaurant didn’t deserve a tip. But here’s the truth: they’re probably never going to read your grumble.

But by taking the time to type it out, you’re strengthening this negative pattern in your own life and giving it energy it doesn’t deserve. Not to mention letting everyone else who follows you know you have the tolerance level of a tween. 

Maybe I’m being harsh and unsympathetic to these small woes. But it’s because I know people who are battling heavier issues on a daily basis. Just last week, a good friend lost her job, one of my closest friends is battling for his life, a young mom I know had to watch her three month old baby lie in a hospital bed. These are people who have every right to curse the universe. Yet, they’ve made the conscious choice to stay positive and not use their shout-boxes to whine when they have every right to.

I know what you’re going to say, I should just unfollow these people. And I agree with you.

To those who think complaining through your day is a perfectly fine way to deal with life, I hope you don’t mind if I cut myself off from it for now. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I can’t help and that makes me feel bad for you and myself. 

But when you want to start walking on the sunnier side of the street more often, let me know. I’ll be sure to show you where all the brightest spots are.