Half Year Recap Assignment

On June 30 I put out a tweet with a simple blog assignment: 


I’m happy to report that a number of amazing people thought my suggestion was fairly decent and did some wonderful reflections.

Since I haven’t committed the time to writing my own (I know, I know, I’m awful), I’d like to leave you tonight with links to their tales. I’m sure you’ll learn a thing or two from clicking on these links. 

Tricia: A journalist who did a whole lot of life shifting, yet found herself exactly where she needed to be.

Pete: A dear friend who made grown up decisions and got to do a fair bit of travelling. 

Ica: Banker by day, bar hopper by night. Since her blog is devoted to reviewing Sydney’s bars and cocktails, she decided to do a recap of the best ones. 

Lars: My friend learned that many times it’s a matter of perspective that can change everything. 

Marla: A talented graphic designer who decided to do her half year recap through a poster. I love this. 

Sette: The hippest mother I know decided to do her recap with the help of Instagram. Adorable. 

Ange: My incredible friend did her mid-year recap by month and offers some beautiful pictures and wonderful writing. 

Tara: Offers some valuable insights that have helped her grow.