Food Review: El Jannah, Granville


I’m sure part of you is wondering why I’m posting this pic of a humongous glob of mayonnaise.

What if I were to tell you that this was no ordinary egg yolk and oil mixture, but a special garlic sauce so delicious that people on first dates are willing to part with their goodnight kisses just to have some?

Now you’re curious. 

The only place I’ve tasted this incredible condiment is at El Jannah. A decently sized Lebanese restaurant in the heart of Granville that has been serving just one main dish for over ten years.


Lebanese charcoal chicken done to absolute perfection.

These formerly feathered friends have the right amount of crispy salty skin, vinegary moist meat, and smoky charcoal goodness. Take one bite and you’ll be hooked forever.

Just ask my friend Erica Paredes, who dreams about this chicken when she’s back in Manila and has even asked people fly it back for her (she says it’s still not the same, though).    

The chicken is served with their incredible garlic sauce, pickles, and flat bread. They also offer a variety of dips to go with your meal. 


My favourites would have to be the hummus and the baba ghanoush. Especially the smoky eggplant flavour of a spoonful of baba. 

My friends and I enjoy eating the chicken by removing its juicy meat from the bone, rolling it into a piece of flat bread with a generous amount of garlic sauce, hummus, a pickle, and some chips. 

Oh, I forgot to mention the chips. Perfectly fried fries bathed in a shower of chicken salt. 


Don’t forget to introduce them to the garlic sauce. Hell, introduce everything to this glorious condiment. 

My other friend Ala Paredes (yes, these Paredes girls love their chicken), often buys a take away container of the sauce and puts it into her ham and cheese sandwiches. Yum.

If you’re ever in Sydney, you know you have to head here for a meal. 

El Jannah Restaurant
4-6 South Street, Granville, Sydney
Tel: +61 (02) 9637 0977

Open 7 days 10am-10pm

Budget: around 15-20$ per person