Beauty: Le Labo Fragrances

I’ve never been a big perfume fan. In fact, the only scent I’ve ever been smitten with was Guerlain’s Herba Fresca; a perfect combination of freshly snipped grass, crushed mint, and a hint of citrus.

Other than that, you can give me a bottle of Baby Bench Lemon Drop and I’ll be as happy as a kid on summer break.

But I recently stumbled across a fragrance brand with an unusual name that was worth a second look. 


In Tagalog, the word “labo” means someone or something that is unsure, unclear or wishy-washy. Which is why it’s a little funny that a company with the same name offers quite the opposite. 

Le Labo is a NYC-based fragrance lab that offers its customers 12 designer scents that develop into a match made in heaven with your skin. 

At over 200$ a bottle, they aren’t cheap, but they do value quality. Each bottle’s essential oils are put together only when you purchase it. They are then given a name of your choice and an expiry date. 

It may seem like a lot of fluff, but I sprayed my friend Lisette’s Ambrette 9 (a light affair of citrus and fruit) on the back of my hand and then proceeded to do my chores for the day. Amazingly, the scent was still there after six washes. 

I’ve taken a whiff of all 12 fragrances and my favourites are:

Ambrette 9: It’s light and fresh. But like I discovered, lasts forever. 

Fleur D’Oranger 27: This is a really playful scent that’s perfect for a fun weekend. Not to mention, the husband really likes it. (A gift perhaps?)

Jasmin 17: My friend Ger’s favourite of the bunch. It’s a gorgeously layered scent. I promise you won’t smell like you’ve bathed in a tub of sampaguitas. 

They also have special scents that are only offered in certain cities. I’m looking forward to when they design one for Sydney. If they do, it should smell like sunshine, saltwater, and a hint of fish and chips. 

If interested, I’ve heard that purchasing it from Le Labo’s online store might be the cheapest way to nab a bottle.