Food Review: Top Choice BBQ, Burwood

Being from the Philippines, rice has a special place in my heart.

Which is why when two of my favourite guy friends, Pete and Sandro, invited me to have lunch last Saturday at a Hong Kong hawker-style rice topping restaurant, I was so there. 

We headed for Top Choice BBQ, where a hanging trio of duck, chicken, and pork, barbecued to glazed perfection greeted us at the door. 


Slowly roasted while being brushed with a sweet, spicy sauce and then hung to let the fat slowly drip down. Sights like these strengthen what I already know to be true:

I’ll never be a vegetarian. 

Before we could even take off our coats, a steaming bowl of complimentary soup and tea was placed on the table. You’ve got to love their efficiency.     


After placing our orders, I decided to walk around and investigate this little corner of barbie heaven. The condiment whore in me was happy to find, tucked in a corner, a wide array of sauces to play with. 


Sweet soy sauce, garlic and ginger, vinegar and chilli. Decisions… decisions. 


They also had cooked rice wrapped in coconut leaves which reminded me of Cebu where “puso” is often eaten the streets with sticks of pork barbecue. 

Finally our food arrived. 

Pete and I decided on the roast pork + barbecued pork with rice dish (the photo just didn’t do it justice). A heaping plate of succulent sweet/spicy pork and roast pork with perfectly salted crispy skin. 

I was quite content with my choice till I saw Sandro’s order. The suckling pig rice dish.


A whole row of crackling skin and juicy meat. *faints* 

For 10-15$ per meal, I felt it was well worth the price. I recommend stopping by the next time you’re in Burwood.


174 Burwood Rd


(02) 9715-2233