Beauty: Jojoba Oil

My skin and winter have never been friends.

The cold, dry air often leaves my face flakier than a box of Special K. And though I’ve tried various moisturisers to be my personal UN Peacekeeping task force, none of them have done the job.

This year, I vowed to find a solution to my moulting and headed over to for some suggestions*.

A brand that kept receiving high reviews was A simple, no frills line created by Daniel Kern, the founder of the popular website with the same name.

I was curious enough to try their PH balanced Cleanser and Organic Jojoba Oil and placed an order.

My shipment arrived in less than a week and I’m happy to report that both products are of high quality, but the Jojoba Oil deserved a blog entry.

Ever since I’ve rubbed this golden oil directly onto my face at night and put just one drop into my foundation + sunblock mix in the morning, my flakiness has vanished and my skin is calmer.

It also works as a hair conditioner, lip balm, eye makeup remover, and for frying eggs. Okay, I lied about the last one. But can you say ‘wonder oil’?

I’ve been using it for over 3 weeks now, and I’m sure you’ll notice from my picture that I’ve barely made a dent in the bottle. Well worth the 15$ price.

If you’re in Australia or the US, you can order your products online from Daniel’s site.

(* If you claim to be a beauty junky yet have never checked out makeupalley, you need to fix that ASAP.)