This Girl’s Tips to Classy Social Media Use

I’ve written in a blog since 2004. And it’s always been a battle within me as to how much of my life I want to share with the world. I make old blogs private, turn the settings on my Twitter to locked when the mood strikes, and always keep the security on my Facebook account so high that even my husband complains. 

Along the way, I’ve made my own rules for how I want social media to work for me. I figured I’d share them in case you felt they would benefit you.


1. Don’t write anything on your blog you wouldn’t want your grandmother and boss to see. If it’s okay for those two people to know this tale about you, it should be okay for the rest of humanity.

2. If you take the time and energy to write anything about an ex, even if it’s to say that you’re happy and have moved on. The world will think otherwise. 

3. Having a bad day? Sure, write about it. Having a seriously bad time in your life? Best to step away from the computer. Real pain is better cared for by the people who genuinely love and feel for you. 


1. Don’t feel obligated to follow a friend who’s following you. That’s what Facebook is for. 

2. If you don’t think you’ll enjoy having brunch with them in the real world, you probably won’t enjoy following them either. 

3. Passive aggressive tweets are tiresome and don’t really accomplish much. Talk it out, people. 

4. Unless you want to annoy your friends and allow stalkers and robbers to know where you are, leave Foursquare alone.


1. If you make your settings on your photo albums “friends of friends” it means thousands of people who are NOT your friends get to see you drunk and in a bikini. 

2. Unless it’s a really funny inside joke, please don’t tag people if they’re not in a photo. And don’t even think of tagging people in something you’re selling. 

3. Lists are such a great tool. Take advantage of using them. 

4. Don’t invite your entire friend list to an event. I assure you, we won’t come.