Photo by Carl

Many of you have read about my life with Carl in Sydney. But few probably know that we lived, for a number of years, with three amazing people: Pete, Ger, and Migs. 

Flatmate horror stories are as easy to find as cellulite in a fluorescent lit dressing room. I’ve certainly had my own battle scars. 

But when you find the right chemistry with the people you live with, the rewards of having different personalities living under one roof are pretty magical. 

If I needed a home-cooked meal, they made it.

A shoulder to cry on, they gave it.

And laughs?

We had more than our abs could take almost every time we sat down to dinner. 

We respected each other’s space, shared almost everything we had in the fridge, and kept communication lines always open. 

When Carl and I got married in the Philippines, they had absolutely no hesitation to hop on a plane and come join us. When I found out Ger and Migs were having a baby, I jumped around like a kangaroo screaming my joy for five minutes. When Pete bought his first home, we toasted to his grown up success. 

We’ve all recently moved out of our three bedroom apartment and now live in different parts of the city. During the first few days in our new nest, I seriously felt separation anxiety from these three.  

They taught me that family doesn’t necessarily mean the same DNA. They are my siblings, confidants, and best friends. And I am grateful they were put in our lives and genuinely hope you find the same in the people you live with.