Thank you.


By Mango Red

Hard to believe it’s been just three weeks since we got married.

Since then, Carl and I have moved back to Sydney, found a lovely place to call our new home, and jumped head first into work. 

The ten months I was given to plan for our wedding weren’t always easy. But because of such a strong network of family, friends, and suppliers I never found myself feeling completely overwhelmed. 

Our wedding was everything we wanted it to be: a three day celebration with the people we loved most in this world.

If there’s any advice I can give all the future brides out there, it’s these words:

Destination weddings are magnificent

It goes by so fast so walk slowly

Keep things as simple as possible

Enjoy every second of it. 

I’d like to take this post to simply say, “thank you.”

Thank you to my family and Carl’s: for being the biggest cheerleaders of our marriage. For getting along so well that new Facebook friendships started happening the minute they left the island. For the overwhelming amount of support, love, and unanimous agreement that our relationship was brought together by a higher power. We are blessed. 

Thank you to our friends: The people who were our siblings in past lives. Who, among many other things, planned parties in both Sydney and Manila, who made our cocktail lists, memorised a song and filmed themselves being silly to make the groom happy, helped look through every tiny detail with me, and just gave us their time, love and attention. I am so grateful for our relationships with these people, some we’ve only known for a few years, many we’ve known for more than half our lifetimes. You hold our hearts.

Finally, my suppliers. A wedding is only as good as the people you put your faith in to deliver what they promise and here are the teams who delivered the moon and threw some stars in for good measure. 


Paul Syjuco (Wedding Bands): Paul was a joy to work with. He replied to every email almost instantly, took the time to work with our schedules, and gave us our hand crafted rings exactly how we wanted them. Not to mention he always arrived at our meetings looking super cool and hip. 


Isabel Gatuslao (Graphic Design): Isa took time from her super busy schedule to design gorgeous thank you cards and cocktail lists for our wedding. She listened to the look we were going for and gave us works of art. 


Manila Wedding Bees (Wedding Coordinators): From beginning to end, Monica and Denise were super women. They helped us find reliable suppliers, kept me in check with our time line, made handmade beautiful touches for our tables, and even became flower designers on the day itself. There was no limit to what these girls offered to do. They even made lettuce smoothies and placed pinches of Himalayan pink salts under my tongue during our wedding weekend to make sure I had energy. By the time the wedding party came rolling in, they partied with our family and friends and fit right in. These women were invaluable and if you’re fortunate enough to book them to organise your wedding, you won’t regret it. 


By Mango Red

Rosalyn Lagdameo (gown): The minute I met Rosalyn, I knew that she was the designer I was looking for. I wanted a lace dress that was both simple and elaborate and Rosalyn analysed everything I described like an engineer and created a dress that fit my every need. We had around five fittings to make everything perfect and it truly was. My wedding gown was so comfortable that I danced, and even Zipped, in it the whole night. 


By Mango Red

Mango Red (photographers): I don’t know what they put in the water in Naga but it obviously has something that makes people over there just a little cooler than the rest of us. Ryan, Al, and Mark were so easy to pose for. A special mention has to go out to Ryan who stayed with us from Friday to Monday and graciously offered photography lessons to family members. We’ve seen a handful of the shots they’ve taken and have loved them. We can’t wait to see the rest. 


Bob Nicolas (videographers): Bob, his lovely wife Let, and the rest of their team are incredible. We didn’t want a typical wedding video and Bob listened to every request we had and gave us a highlight film so perfect, it left us tearing up the first time we saw it.  What makes Bob and his team so brilliant is that while the wedding was taking place, we barely felt they were there. They surprised us with shots so intimate, it shocked me to realise we were were being filmed. Hire Bob Nicolas and I assure you that you will be thanking him till the end of your days. 


By Mango Red

Club Paradise (location): Club Paradise is a beautiful white sand island that can accommodate 150 people at maximum capacity. The resort is well maintained and the staff are run like a well-oiled machine. The manager Loida and Jennie from their Manila office were my new BFF’s for ten months since we e-mailed each other almost every day. They listened to every request I had, no matter how small, and worked to make it happen. All our guests were impressed by how seamless travel to the island was from Manila and how they made every one comfortable. They were so great that we’re tempted to throw a five year reunion party with them. 


By Mango Red