Old Journal Entry (17 Oct. 2009)

I missed my train.

It had nothing to do with being late; I was in fact 30 minutes early.  

But oddly enough, when my train came I was just too engrossed in the now to care.

The music flowing through the veins of my earphones, the cool sunshine, and my pen swirling lines of strong black ink on the crisp white paper of my journal. That’s all that mattered at that precise moment.

My train and I just stared at each other for a few seconds before its doors closed and it took me a split second to realise that I was supposed to be on it. 

But maybe in this life where things are run by a constant clock, it was the universe telling me that I needed to sit back and stop following the schedule expected by everyone else.

To just live in a glorious moment and catch the next ride.