Film is a treasure trove of love.

I just spent the last hour showing the fiancé some old family movies.  

Slices of my favourite memories encased in a cocoon of grainy videos that haven’t been seen in decades.  

He was finally able to see my beautiful grandmother walking and talking. A woman he wasn’t able to meet in this lifetime. He saw for himself her dry sense of humour and the way she adored spending time with her grand-kids. 

We were amazed when we found a video of my dashing grandfather in 1986, documenting himself shaving his beard for the first time in 10 years.  

We laughed together at how my now grown-up cousins were captured in all their chubby glory during their edible toddler stages.  

We both realised after watching these videos, captured so meticulously by my grandfather while I was growing up, that pictures may be beautiful but videos are much more powerful.

We smiled all throughout, my eyes watered, and the fiancé was inspired. He’s decided that he wants to capture more of the next chapter of our life in videos and I couldn’t agree more. 

After what I felt tonight, I highly recommend you do the same.