10 Things I Was Blessed With In 2010

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1. Travelled my way through Spain with three of my dearest girlfriends.

2. Turned 30 and took my friends on an awesome hike to celebrate. 

3. Jumped out of an airplane.

4. Got engaged to a partner I am grateful for everyday. 

5. Travelled Europe with my family for a month and finally got to see the hometown of my grandfather.

6. Ran an insane 10k mud race.

7. Got offered a chance to train for a tough position at work and passed with flying colours.

8. Saw incredible concerts: U2, Phoenix (for a second time), Imogen HeapBroken Social Scene, The Decemberists, Camera Obscura

9. Had the means to hop on an plane to travel back to Manila for three days simply because someone needed me. 

10. Got approved for a visa that allows me to stay in Australia indefinitely. 

With the amazing people I’m surrounded with and the opportunities I’ve been given, there really is nowhere else to go but up in 2011.

Happy New Year, everyone!