How have you been spending your weekends?

My last three Saturdays have been incredible. It’ll be hard to put them into words, so I’ll try to let some pictures help. 

November 27: My Hen’s Night

My awesome girlfriends (special mentions to Ger and Ange) threw me a fabulous bachelorette. We got all glammed up and painted the town red.

They respected my requests: no strippers and lots of dancing. 

Yes, the beefcake in the picture is NOT a stripper. He’s one of our two lovely waiters who handled our games and gave the girls a lift whenever they felt like it. 

My first year in Sydney was all about finding my footing in work and school. But I’m happy to report that from my second year onwards, I was blessed to find myself with a good network of girlfriends. Amazing women who are beautiful, talented, and accomplishing so much in their own lives. 

December 4: Mud Run

I was getting pressure for weeks from my officemates and Carl to join this event. I finally decided to make a bet with my burly officemate, Alex, in the hopes he’d fail and I wouldn’t have to join. If he could learn to knit and make a 10 x 10 inch square for charity in 5 days, I would sign up for the race. 

It took him 6 hours of knitting everyday and countless youtube videos, but he did it with a day to spare. I had no choice but to sign up and honestly, I’m thrilled that I did. It was the hardest 10k of my life, but doing this race with Carl and laughing our asses off like kids whenever a mud obstacle came around is a memory I’m going to treasure forever. 

By the way, that’s the sole of my shoe I’m holding up. It gave up on me during the last kilometre. 

December 11: Sky diving!

When one of my best friends Cla told me that she wanted to go sky-diving, I knew it would be the perfect time to finally do it. We were blessed with blue skies without a cloud in sight. Such a perfect day to jump 14,000 feet by a gorgeous beach coastline. I loved every second of it. 

I love what my father (who used to jump out of planes regularly and was one of the first hang-gliders in Asia) told me when I texted that I was finally sky-diving. “Go get your wings, baby.” 

I think weekends from here on are going to seem a tad bland. That is, until the biggest one comes around… 😉