It’s not the arrows, but the Indian who knows how to use them.

This incredible picture was shot by Uruguay/UK-based Polaroid photographer Fernanda Montoro.

I was asked to write a small feature on her for the art attack section of Kluster Says over the weekend and it got me thinking…

In an age where everyone and his bestfriend owns an SLR powerful enough to make taking gorgeous images as easy as hopping on one foot, Fernanda chooses to snap hazy dream-like pics with one of eight vintage Polaroid cameras.

She’s only been shooting with these instant-image-making babies for around three years and already her views of the world have been published in glossy coffee books, magazines, and displayed on solo exhibits around the world. 

Just another example of when you’ve got the eye, you can be given a cheap plastic lens from the nearest convenience store and you’ll still make magic. 

Here’s another one.

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