These are the last snaps I captured on my camera before leaving for Sydney a little over two years ago: 

May I present, my room. A little messier than usual from all the packing and preparations for my trip. This cozy space in the world is filled to the brim with memories, pictures, light and colour. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My friends used to love chilling on my gargantuan bed and going through the many photo albums I’ve compiled through the years. 


A pic of the other side of my room with the door (aka bag hanger) that leads to my bathroom. I have two girlfriends who, for over ten years, thoroughly enjoyed just ‘hanging out’ in my empty bathtub with their clothes and catching up. Haha. Only now do I realize how odd that was.

I should add how I’m pretty proud of my bookshelf, which I had custom made for less than a grand along with another one in the corner that’s really just for books. You’ll notice that this one seems to be competing with my picture frames.  

This is Lucy. She’s six and smarter than most people I know. 

This is small but feisty Lilu. She’s a little wary of strangers, but, like many of my friends have discovered, once you’re in her good graces she is incredibly sweet and trusts you for life. 


My heart is heavy today. Missing my family, dogs, and life back in Manila is not doing much for my spirits. But while I type these words, I see him from the corner of my eye. Typing away furiously on his laptop, creating magical stories and working towards our future. With that one glance I get reminded why I’m here, why I love this city, and I know that these small bouts of homesickness are worth it.