29 Awesome Things

In celebration of my 30th birthday tomorrow. I thought I’d share 29 awesome things I was able to do, accomplish, or experience during my second decade on earth.

In no particular order.

In my twenties, I…

1. Was given the opportunity to travel to seven different countries around Asia and Europe in less than two years for work.

2. Followed my heart and turned down a high paying multinational corporate job and went into writing.  

3. Finished an Australian Master’s degree with honours.

4. Started my own company with my own funds, blood, sweat, and tears. 

5. Lived in a rustic hut by the pacific ocean for weeks at a time, eating nothing but fish and pineapple.

6. Trained in Tokyo with the Tokyo Poi Community.

7. Got a Scuba diving license.

8. Worked as the beauty editor for a leading women’s magazine and loved it. 

9. Worked as a barista/ waitress for almost six months in a cute little cafe in Sydney and loved it. 

10. Graduated magna cum laude from my bachelor’s degree.

11. Wrote a political paper for a respected Australian website and got paid to do so.

12. Had my heart broken and didn’t do anything stupid while it was healing.

13. Became a teacher and fell in love with helping people learn something they need.

14. Trusted an email and phone call from an international modelling agency I’d never worked with and flew out of the country to shoot a regional print ad.

15. Extended my stay in Amsterdam for a few days after work and went bike riding all over its gorgeous roads.

16. Swam with stingless jellyfish in Palau.

17. Fulfilled a promise and went back to the Alhambra in Spain with someone I loved.

18. Have been a daughter that hasn’t caused her parents any stress.

19. Ran the complete City2Surf course and finished it in a time I could be proud of. 

20. Finished the CELTA with a pass B mark.

21. Ran 10km in under an hour.

22. Made the most awesome man fall in love with me.

23. Saved enough money from work to put into investements and to buy a car. 

24. Took a leap of faith and moved to a country I’d never seen with my own eyes.

25. Taught little provincial kids in Batangas how to swim for a whole summer’s worth of community service and loved every minute of it. 

26. Learned how to play with fire and got pretty good at performing poi in front of large numbers of people. 

27. Was chosen from castings all over Asia and flown out of the country for 4 days to shoot a TVC.

28. Was strong enough to end a relationship that wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t right.

29. Have met some of the most incredible people and made them into my friends for life.

To everyone who played a part and made my 20s wonderful, I give you my biggest thank you.

Looking forward to my new decade with you. 🙂