Knitting is luurve.

Yes, I knit.

Laugh all you want people, but weaving two needles and some string together makes me happy.

I learned how to knit a few years ago while spending time in LA for my grandmother. She was undergoing treatment for cancer and I thought keeping my hands busy would be a great way to sit and spend the days with her. So one afternoon, I stuck my head into a knitting shop along Wilshire and got an hour’s worth of lessons.

For about three weeks, I’d sit with my Grammy and attempt to make something decent while she told me about life, love, and family. She was way too cool to be doing something so ‘grandma like’, instead she’d cast a glance at how my project was coming along and tell me how sad and terrible it looked and we’d have a good laugh about it.

I will treasure those afternoons with her till the day I die.

I stopped knitting when I moved to Sydney two years ago and didn’t pick it up again till last December.

I was back in Manila visiting for the holidays when my mom told me she had discovered a really big skein of rainbow coloured yarn in my great grandmother’s belongings. I thought it would be a waste to throw it away so I asked my favourite babe, Pam to teach me how to knit again. I then proceeded to spend all of my Christmas break making it into a stiff scarf.

I haven’t stopped since.

This is the latest thing I’ve made, a beanie for my dear friend Cla who told me she would treasure anything I created for her. She’s leaving for Italy soon so I thought she’d need it to keep her earlobes warm. It’s currently on its way to her house in Manila as my simple birthday gift. I heart the Australian Post.

Warning: Expect many more knitting related posts from my site.