Making: White Wine Sangria

Last night, my gorgeous friend Ger celebrated her 30th yesterday with a Spanish themed dinner. And because she’s such a cool person, I happily complied when she asked if I could make some white wine sangria for her guests.

Honestly, it’s one of the easiest things to make and is incredibly refreshing on a humid day.


1 cup chopped fruits (oranges, apples, grapes, watermelon, etc.)

1 bottle of white wine (cheap Chardonnay works well)

Apple juice (to taste, usually as much as 3/4th of a bottle of wine)

Sprite (to taste, usually as much as half a bottle of wine)

2-3 shots of brandy

Mix all ingredients and serve in big tumbler glasses with ice.

Voila. Told you it was easy. 🙂

Picture of my white wine sangria by awesome food blogger Sugarlace (check out her site!)