It’s really all about you, baby.

I’ve just received the most amazing little thing. A gorgeous handwritten letter from my dear friend, Lisette. Complete with stamps, a printed photo of me kissing her chubby edible daughter, and many beautiful words of encouragement.

This little act of kindness made me thankful that I have always been blessed in the friends department. Real friends have come into my life in its various chapters and have never left.

Here’s a secret I learned long ago, the type of people we attract to become our friends, lovers, etc. is almost entirely dependent on the type of energy we let out into universe. For instance, if I was a cynic who thought love equaled pain and men were dogs, then I’d be covering myself in a large layer of toxic energy that would make nasty like-minded people gravitate towards me like flies to garbage.

Which is why I never understand people who complain that their friends can’t be trusted or that the men they date are sadly pathetic. Rather than look outward and blame the world, why don’t these people first try to understand what it is about themselves and their own attitudes that welcomes this type of negative energy.

It’s not rocket science. It’s about taking control of your own destiny and understanding that you have the power to bend the universe to give you the life you want by first deciding the type of person you want to be.

I promise.