I will not allow tumblr to become like twitter

With school out of the way, I promised myself that in 2010 I would write more.

Stories about events that touched me, people who matter, and how life can be one big twirling dance, but in the end it’s undeniably and often painfully beautiful.

I decided to move from my blogspot to tumblr because something as small as a new url and background colour gave my mind the feeling of a fresh start.

Only recently, I’ve realised that Tumblr has the ability to become like a gargantuan Twitter, and I refuse to let that happen. My thoughts honestly can’t take anymore announcements and snippets of knowledge. So I’ve decided to finally draw a thick, white line.

My Twitter account is for information (whether world news or if you ate tinola for lunch), while this site will be for writing that’s a little more personal, and I’d prefer to follow like minded folk who have the same use for Tumblr.

People who’ll make my mind grow, my heart soar, and make me laugh out loud with their tales.

So it is with great peace that I’ve decide to bid adieu to the town cryers. Please don’t take offense. I love you and your announcements, and I will click on those that interest me through Twitter instead.


if you are the type of person that captures pictures that make hearts sing, or spins timeless stories that make tears fall, or have something (anything) beautiful you want to teach me.

Tell me who you are and I will follow.