My Christmas gift

Carl gave this to me for Christmas…

She’s older than me, but that only adds to her mystique. I wonder what she’s seen in her 30 plus years. Maybe the Himalayas, the face of a beautiful child now long past his youth, or just mothballs in a damp closet.

It took him over two weeks of searching the vast seas of e-bay to find her. From her svelte silver body to her perfect 40 mil pancake lens, they don’t make them like this anymore.

I love how he covered her with little styrofoam balls to make the surprise last longer. How he wrapped her so perfectly and made her wait quietly in a corner till I got back from my trip home.

I spent the first of January playing with her knobs, clicks, and buttons. If there’s one thing I know she’ll teach me, it’ll be patience.

I pick up my first roll of film tomorrow. Stay tuned…