Last November, My best friend got married.

It was a short, frank, beautiful ceremony. In many ways, just like her. Candles bathed us in light, food and wine abounded, and friends from years back came together to celebrate her union with an equally incredible man.

I felt no need to come up front and say my speech with a soggy piece of paper to guide me. Memorised lines weren’t needed because I truly know this woman. We’ve been friends since we were in braces, knew nothing about men, and had funny hairstyles. And in our crazy years together I’ve seen her grow into a fighter. A person I am proud to have by my side. The words just flowed, I cried, she almost cried, and the next chapter begins for us.

I am glowing for her. Thrilled with the choices she’s made and happy for the spirit she’s become.

Photos by Pat Martires: