How I Get My Kids To Eat Well

photo-24-12-2016-12-32-49-pmAny parent will tell you that it’s not always easy to get their little humans to eat right. Between all the not-too-good-for-them sweets offered at parties or through well meaning grandparents and the constant negotiations (and even tantrums), making sure that our little people have the right sustenance can often be a losing battle.

I was recently invited by Selecta Fortified Milk to share how I personally get Nara and Fin to eat well daily. And though I’m not one to preach about my parenting styles, you may find these tips useful. So feel free to use or try what you think may work for your kids. I would also love to hear your own tips in the comments section below.

photo-24-12-2016-12-51-01-pmTip #1: Don’t give snacks too close to meal time.
It’s my belief that my kids need three full meals a day and oftentimes two snack times (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). But the importance should be on their full meals, so if my kids wake up late from their naps or decide they want their snacks thirty minutes before meal time, I encourage them instead to wait for their meal. I believe that kids need to feel a little hungry to appreciate their food and that won’t happen if they get their cookies and sandwiches right before lunch or dinner.

Tip #2: Meal time is sitting time. 
I don’t allow my kids to run around being chased with a spoon during meal time. They are free to roam with a cookie or cheese pandesal during merienda. But breakfast, lunch, and dinner requires them to stay put in a chair till they are done. This prevents them from getting distracted and setting an inconvenient habit. If they decide they want to take it slow, I let them but they can’t leave the chair till they’re done (which means finishing a good amount of the food on their plate, not necessarily everything).

photo-24-12-2016-12-30-44-pmTip #3: Don’t keep junk food in the house.
This is easier said than done. But this is a tip I got from my mom while we were growing up and it works if you make it happen. This way, if you want a naughty snack, you’ll have to head out to get it. You won’t be eating something bad for you just because you’re hungry.

photo-24-12-2016-12-39-30-pmTip #4: Incorporate healthier versions of items into their food.
Your kids like cookies? Try the ones that have malungay put into them. They enjoy spaghetti? Grate a whole carrot into the sauce while cooking. They enjoy gummy bears? Choose the varieties made with natural fruit juice. There are so many ways to incorporate better nutrition into their food without compromising taste.

This is also why I like Selecta Fortified Milk. Aside from having the daily calcium requirements needed for my children’s growing bones, it’s also fortified, so with just one glass they get: 100% Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, B6, B12 and Vitamin D3. Each glass is also rich in Calcium, Protein, Magnesium, and Vitamin B1 & B3. They also love the slight vanilla taste. A glass of milk that isn’t just good for your bones, but for your brain and body too.


photo-24-12-2016-12-40-00-pmTip #5: Encourage your children to try one bite.
Sometimes just the look of a dish can make your kids make a face. But I encourage Fin and Nara to try one bite of a new dish almost every other day. Some they like, others they don’t (and if they say yuck, I don’t force them).

photo-24-12-2016-12-33-11-pmI hope you find these tips helpful and I look forward to hearing what works for you with your little people. 🙂

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Guest Blogger: Nicole’s Dream For Her Children (part 2 of 2)

Once again, my dear friend Nicole Hernandez de los Angeles is here to share how she plans to save for her children’s education through Philam Life. You can read how easy it to make your own dreams for your little humans possible below. Take it away, Nicole!

Good relationships always hinge on partners that can be trusted and relied on. That’s why when we started thinking about planning for our children’s education, Philam Life was on top of our list. We wanted to work with a company that understood our needs as young parents, but also had a strong reputation in the industry.

Our two boys are still years away from college, but with rising tuition costs, we wanted to make sure that when the time came to write that big check, we’d be ready. When the Baby Barangay was offered a chance to learn more about investing for our childrens’ future, I knew it was time to take that first step and meet with an Agency Manager. We had a very informative morning with Philam Life’s top Agency Managers, mother and daughter tandem—Ces and Genie Melendres. When we were introduced to the Future Scholar Plan, jI couldn’t wait to get home and share what I learned with my husband.

For me, the Future Scholar and Life Insurance plan made perfect sense. It’s both a savings and investment platform (which especially appealed to my husband) and means that a portion of what we contribute has the ability to grow over time. Once we decide how much we want allocated for investment, the professional fund managers handle the rest, giving the account financial upside. It’s a really easy way to get those extra returns for our kids!

An equally important benefit was that in the unlikely event something would happen to us, the plan would carry on for my kids, without the need to pay for future premiums. This really gave us peace of mind knowing that the investment for our boys would remain intact.

Since the gift of education is something many parents value, I strongly encourage you to visit Philam Life and learn more about their programs. They are a staple in the investment and insurance community, and have proven over the years that they have the best interest of families like mine in mind.


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Saving for the Educational Plan of Our Children with Philam Life (part 2 of 2)

cDLD_6819A few weeks ago, I shared how Carl and I are already planning as early as now for the college tuition of our kids. Yes, it might seem like we have a long way to go with neither kid being even in grade school. But honestly, the earlier you start the better chances you have of making these goals a reality.

photo-10-11-2016-9-05-05-amI discovered the benefits of starting early when the Baby Barangay girls and I were offered a chance to sit down with with one of Philam Life’s top Agency Managers, Ces Melendres, and her daughter, Genie Melendres who is also one of the company’s top Unit Managers, to learn more about a unique investment plan that they just launched called Future Scholar.

Future Scholar is an investment and life insurance plan by Philam Life that gives guaranteed education benefits and long-term growth potential.

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-12-43-23-pmThe plan works like this:

1. You sit down with a Philam Life Financial Advisor to discuss the educational path you hope for your child (a local college or an international college would be a good place to start). They will then calculate based on current college rates and predicted inflation how much you should have saved by the time your child is 17 to make that dream a reality.

2. The advisors will then recommend the amount you should invest in either deposits for five years or smaller deposits up to when your child is 17 to make that money grow to your desired goal.

3. You can choose to invest your money in a guaranteed savings or an investment. For example: 50% guaranteed savings/50% investment, 80% guaranteed savings/20% investment, or 20% guaranteed savings/80% investment. It’s truly up to you!

4. Pay your premiums and watch your money grow. It’s that easy.

Here are some other facets of the Future Scholar Plan that I really like:

1. The plan offers continuation benefits: In case anything (god forbid) were to happen to you or you get totally or permanently disabled, the plan will still continue without you having to pay future premiums.

2. Optional Life Insurance Coverage: You can also choose to add a small fee to have even more piece of mind that if you pass away before your child is 18, your child will have a lump sum cash benefit to help with their future.

3. This plan is aimed for educational savings, but the money earned is actually yours to decide to use how you see fit. If your child decides not to study abroad for college, that’s okay. The money earned can go into other things that will benefit your family in the long run.

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-12-46-21-pm4. It’s important to note that Philam Life is not a pre-need company. Philam Life is a trusted life insurance and wealth management brand that has been helping Filipinos reach their dreams for over 69 years. It is known for its credibility and trustworthiness and has already given back over 10 billion worth of education benefits to its clients from 2004-2016.

With all this now available. It would be silly to not take the time to just schedule a meeting with a Philam Life Financial Advisor to learn more about how they can help you and your children be better prepared for the future. They now have a flagship office at Bonifacio Global City for you to be able to have a coffee and learn how Philam Life can brings your dreams to reality.

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