Big congratulations to amazing friends Sheila Catilo and Leona Panutat on the launch of PROJECT LILO: an online passion project that showcases the joys, trials, and lessons that come with motherhood.

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(All beautiful images shot by Sheila Catilo for Project Lilo) 


The Parent Files Season 2 Episode 9 | Challenge Kids to Entertain Themselves

Unstructured time challenges children to explore their own passions. They can never learn to respond to the stirrings of their own hearts if we keep them busy with lessons, structured activity, or screen entertainment. Watch this episode to learn how to encourage your children to explore and pursue where their interests lead them.

In this informative episode of The Parent Files, we asked our veteran parents to share how they keep their children from being bored and how they can entertain themselves. This was a wonderful episode filled with lots of great tips and information! Watch the full episode below:

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True Value Shangri La Plaza’s Private Day Sale | October 13, Friday

Run don’t walk! True Value Shangri La is going to hold their annual one-day special sale TODAY, October 13! This much awaited event offers up to 90% off on selected items plus tons of amazing giveaways every hour! This event is open to ALL. True Value is your now stop shop for everything home related and Baby Barangay girls Bianca, Kelly, and I couldn’t resist having a sneak preview.

Here are some of the amazing items we saw during the preview yesterday.

They plan to have a Lucky Lane raffle every hour that whoever is paying at the cashier at a certain hour will win a prize from premium brands like Breville!

At 8PM they will calculate the highest purchases of the day and those finalists will have a chance to win a two-door ref or 49 inch LED TV!

This event is open to the EVERYONE! Don’t forget to bring your Robinson’s card or Citibank card for even MORE discounts, especially on regular priced items!

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