The New Filipino Menu at Green Pastures

The Baby Barangay girls and I recently got together to try the new Filipino dishes of Green Pastures, one of our favourite restaurants in BGC.

We often enjoy coming to Green Pastures for their fresh juices, delicious bread and dips, and hearty salads, so we were super excited to try how Chef Robby Goco was going to serve Filipino food in a healthy yet tasty way. Here are the dishes we enjoyed!

Shrimp in Sweet Potato Fritters: These were soooo good! The perfect mix of sweet, salty crunch. The dipping sauce was equally amazing. I would come back just for a plate of this.

Steamed Clams: In a Binacol stock. These were super tasty without any rubbery texture or fishy aftertaste.

Taro Leaves and White Cheese Dip: Laing has never been so tasty as this appetiser with the perfect crunch from the chips.

Ceviche and Roast Pork Sinuglaw: A favourite of Nicole’s who cleaned the entire plate. This local dish done right.

Sous Vide Chicken Inasal: My favorite Bacolod Chicken Inasal just got taken up a notch with organic, free-range chicken.

Yellow Adobo: A Goco family heirloom recipe that doesn’t use soy sauce. Only  quality vinegar and turmeric. Patty’s son Theo loved this so much that he sent a vide thanking him for the amazing food!

Naaaaaks Fried Chicken: Crispy organic chicken, well seasoned sweet potato fries and homemade banana ketchup.

Jackfruit Kare Kare: This was so delicious that you won’t even miss the meat. You may even ask for an extra serving of bagoong.

Crispy Short Ribs: Cooked slowly for 24 hours and then deep friend.

Bibingka: This was so good! Moist, buttery, salted egg + cheesy goodness in every bite. I think you will forget your name!

Chia Seed Dessert: Similar in taste to the much loved ginataan but much healthier.

What makes Chef Robby Goco’s creations so wonderful is that he doesn’t use MSG, soy sauce, or any other canned ingredients in any of his dishes. Aside from olive oil, every product in his restaurant is locally sourced and created FRESH in the kitchen. Yup, no commissary for Green Pastures.

It’s safe to say that the girls and I loved everything and are already looking forward to our next trip back.

Green Pastures BGC is located at the Ground Floor, Net Park, 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

Learn more about them through their:

Facebook | Instagram 


Why We Love Holiday Ham

Few things spell Christmas in the Philippines more than a smoked ham to join in the festivities. In a country where turkeys aren’t as easy to come by and roasts are expensive for the average household, a Christmas ham is a family favorite. The Baby Barangay girls were recently on the hunt for the best Christmas ham and after doing our research, we decided that Holiday Ham from CDO Premium came out on top.

Here are the reasons why we chose Holiday Ham for our Christmas festivities this year:

Reason 1 | Made from Premium Boneless Hind Leg: Holiday Ham is taken from a whole hind leg and not from other parts mashed together. You can tell from the way the fat is marbled into the ham that this is pure meat.

Reason 2 | Net Marks on Ham: It’s important to look for net marks when looking to purchase your smoked ham. Net marks means that the ham has been properly cured and smoked to perfection. Only whole meat hams can be smoked in a net.

Reason 3 | No Extenders: Holiday Ham is made from wholemeat so you don’t get any fillers in the ham like you would if you were purchasing a luncheon meat. Common extenders are fibers, flours, or starches; ingredients you shouldn’t be seeing in a ham. Thankfully, Holiday Ham is nothing but pure meaty smoked goodness.

Want to know how I personally love to have my Holiday Ham? I pan fry a slice in a little sugar and then put it into a pandesal with Queso de Bola. I then pan fry the pandesal again in a little butter until toasty and the cheese has melted.

Learn more about Holiday Ham by CDO Premium through their:

Website | Facebook Page 


Food: Souv By Cyma

Amazing! That’s really the only word that could properly roll out of our mouths after trying Souv by Cyma last week. Chef Robby Goco’s latest restaurant takes all the good things he did with Cyma (one of my absolute faves) and brings it up a notch with premium seafood and meats cooked to perfection after being souv vide for hours. We went at 2:30pm and the restaurant was packed! Here are all the dishes we tried and some photos from this delicious afternoon:


• Cheese Saganaki
• Strapatsada (Greek scrambled eggs)
• Clams and Spinach Fonduta
• Greek Nachos – the best humus ever! A must order!
• Grilled Sous Vide Octopus – This octopus was a super hit with its smokey flavor and tender meat
• Sticky Chicken Wings – absolutely delicious! Definitely grab these too!
• Baked Feta SALATES
• Cranberry Grains Salad – This salad was finished till the last grain.
• Salata Kinoa


• Greek Tuna Roe (Avgotaracho)
• Seafood Yiouvetsi


• Chicken Salad served with juicy potatoes
• Pork wrap served with Oregano & feta fries
• Lamb bowl served with clams saffron avgolemono soup


• Grilled whole fish (Lavraki) – absolutely delicious
• Angus Beef Short Rib – the meat was so tender it could be cut with a spoon
• 3 Meat Platter (Lamb, Chicken, Pork)


• Wildflower Honey
• Crumbled Baklava
• Carrot Jam
• EVOO with flaky sea salt – fantastic combination!
• Orange Saffron

SOUV by Cyma is located at Net Park Building, 5th Ave, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
They are open Monday-Sunday: 11AM-10PM
Mobile number: 09494819621

Learn more about them via their Instagram