Baby Barangay Food Discovery: Solstice by Ilustrado

The Baby Barangay was recently offered a chance to try Solstice by Illustrado at 8 Rockwell. This restaurant only opened earlier this year and is already pulling in a crowd. We came on a Tuesday night and the place was packed. Solstice serves classic Filipino dishes and continental mains to make sure there is something for everyone.

Here are the dishes we really enjoyed!

“Shroom” Pizza: Fresh shitake, king, and oyster mushrooms, mozzarella, cheddar, and parmesan

Truffled Hummus: fresh and flavourful

Calamari Salad: Local organic mixed greens, broiled calamares, goat cheese, crisp bacon bits, herbed croutons, pesto citrus dressing.

Baked Eggplant in Filo: Eggplant, black olives, sundries tomato, feta cheese, in Filo case.

Gambas with Aligue: Prawns, garlic, olive oil, grab butter, freshly baked baguette.

Angus Beef Short Plate: Twice cooked Angus beef short plate, au jus, root vegetables.

Gindara Terriyaki: Black cod fillet, soy ginger sauce, onion leek filaments, wasabi mashed potato.

Solstice Steak: 500 grams (this was a half order) USDA Prime Ribeye steak, mashed potatoes

Paella Ilustrado (For Two): Mixed Meat and Seafood Paella

Bacalao Ala Vizcaina: Braised lightly salted cod fish in tomato, olives, and pimiento sauce.

Here are more pictures from our dinner:

Solstice is located at 8 Rockwell, Hidalgo Drive, Rockwell Makati

Telephone Numbers: +63 977 748 8861 | +632 802 1891

Learn more about them through their Facebook | Instagram 


Now Open: Buendia Food By The Court

Buendia Food By The Court is described as an extensive food park with its own, you guessed it, basketball court.

Formerly a parking lot, this new venture by the Sudeco boasts of a wide array of homegrown food concepts, many of which were conceptualised by first time business owners.  The best part is that it’s just 10 minutes away from the Makati Central Business District.

I had a great afternoon catching up with these lovely ladies during the media launch as well as sampling all the delicious food choices.

From left to right: Em Sulit of Game Changer PH (the woman behind this event), Cai Sio of Apples & Dumplings, Pam Basa-Siao of Green Lunch Diaries, Sheila Catilo of Catilo Photography, Apol Massebieau of La Pomme Living, and Indy of She Dreams in Ink (the woman behind the beautiful styling).

Here are some of the food shops you’ll find at the Buendia Food by the Court:

  • Rojak Salad: Serves special salads, their pineapple salad was amazing.
  • Rouche Grille: grilled Filipino specialties
  • MAD Subs PH: A build your own sandwich joint.
  • Brothers’ Blends: Cold pressed juices and organic coffee
  • Korvitz Grill: They specialise in goat’s meat. Their adobo was really yummy.
  • Barrel Smoer’s: Delicious smoked ribs and peri-peri chicken
  • Burgers Meet Wings: Yummy burgers in colorful buns.
  • Tapaddiction: Gourmet tapa.
  • Bakmi Nyona: Authentic Indonesian food.
  • Jack’s Joint: Persian-inspired cuisine like the much loved shwarma and ox brain.
  • Lamexa Cantina: delicious enchiladas and mojitos
  • Little Kodo: Japanese street food.
  • Shangkee Buns: Filling Chine buns.
  • Doss Pares: Favorite Filipino pairings
  • Sisig MNL: They even have maling sisig.
  • Goto Pinoy: Yummy goto and even better champorado.
  • Ice Cold: All your drink needs.

Here are some pictures of all the amazing food choices:

Beautiful styling was done by Indy Ycasiano of She Dreams in Ink. I love the use of the hollow blocks and cheese graters!

Buendia  Food by the Court is located at 24 Sen. G Puyat Avenue corner Bautista Street, Brgy. San Isidro, Makati City. It is open from 5PM to 12MN. Parking is available.

You can contact them through their:

Website | Facebook Page | Instagram 


How I Get My Kids To Eat Well

photo-24-12-2016-12-32-49-pmAny parent will tell you that it’s not always easy to get their little humans to eat right. Between all the not-too-good-for-them sweets offered at parties or through well meaning grandparents and the constant negotiations (and even tantrums), making sure that our little people have the right sustenance can often be a losing battle.

I was recently invited by Selecta Fortified Milk to share how I personally get Nara and Fin to eat well daily. And though I’m not one to preach about my parenting styles, you may find these tips useful. So feel free to use or try what you think may work for your kids. I would also love to hear your own tips in the comments section below.

photo-24-12-2016-12-51-01-pmTip #1: Don’t give snacks too close to meal time.
It’s my belief that my kids need three full meals a day and oftentimes two snack times (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). But the importance should be on their full meals, so if my kids wake up late from their naps or decide they want their snacks thirty minutes before meal time, I encourage them instead to wait for their meal. I believe that kids need to feel a little hungry to appreciate their food and that won’t happen if they get their cookies and sandwiches right before lunch or dinner.

Tip #2: Meal time is sitting time. 
I don’t allow my kids to run around being chased with a spoon during meal time. They are free to roam with a cookie or cheese pandesal during merienda. But breakfast, lunch, and dinner requires them to stay put in a chair till they are done. This prevents them from getting distracted and setting an inconvenient habit. If they decide they want to take it slow, I let them but they can’t leave the chair till they’re done (which means finishing a good amount of the food on their plate, not necessarily everything).

photo-24-12-2016-12-30-44-pmTip #3: Don’t keep junk food in the house.
This is easier said than done. But this is a tip I got from my mom while we were growing up and it works if you make it happen. This way, if you want a naughty snack, you’ll have to head out to get it. You won’t be eating something bad for you just because you’re hungry.

photo-24-12-2016-12-39-30-pmTip #4: Incorporate healthier versions of items into their food.
Your kids like cookies? Try the ones that have malungay put into them. They enjoy spaghetti? Grate a whole carrot into the sauce while cooking. They enjoy gummy bears? Choose the varieties made with natural fruit juice. There are so many ways to incorporate better nutrition into their food without compromising taste.

This is also why I like Selecta Fortified Milk. Aside from having the daily calcium requirements needed for my children’s growing bones, it’s also fortified, so with just one glass they get: 100% Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, B6, B12 and Vitamin D3. Each glass is also rich in Calcium, Protein, Magnesium, and Vitamin B1 & B3. They also love the slight vanilla taste. A glass of milk that isn’t just good for your bones, but for your brain and body too.


photo-24-12-2016-12-40-00-pmTip #5: Encourage your children to try one bite.
Sometimes just the look of a dish can make your kids make a face. But I encourage Fin and Nara to try one bite of a new dish almost every other day. Some they like, others they don’t (and if they say yuck, I don’t force them).

photo-24-12-2016-12-33-11-pmI hope you find these tips helpful and I look forward to hearing what works for you with your little people. 🙂

Learn more about Selecta Fortified Milk through their:

Facebook Page:

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