Reading: The Heartbreak Diaries 

“Fellow dream catcher, here’s to love, growing wings, and witnessing wonder in every day things.” Thank you, Pierra for blessing me with your beautiful book of poetry.The husband caught me crying while reading some of its pages the other day.

For anyone who has been in love, felt the pain that comes from the shards of a broken heart, or has found that their own self-worth lies beyond their reflection in other people’s eyes, I invite you to grab your copy of this lovely book.

The Heartbreak Diaries can be ordered through Hey Kessy.


Giveaway: Lonely Planet Kids

My father always said that travel was the best form of education. As proof of this, my brother and I would be taken regularly on countless trips around our archipelago and neighbouring countries. These adventure often included red eye flights, long car rides, and lots and lots of sight seeing with our dad who would often get us up at the crack of dawn to explore as much as possible before we were tucked into our hotel beds at night. On that note, I recently received these two books that I’m sure my dad would have appreciated during this portion of our lives:

Lonely Planet: the publishing company for all things travel related have these two globe trotting books available for anyone who like my father believes that taking your children on adventures is bestowing them with a gift of a lifetime.

Travel with Children is a resource book that offers useful tips for traveling to a number of destinations around the globe. It shares suggestions on places to stay, explore, and venture to in almost every continent. I love how the information is helpful without being overwhelming and the layout is easy to navigate through. Here are some pages from the inside of the book:

While Adventures in Famous Places is an activity book that offers children a chance to learn more about countries through puzzles, stickers, and lots of colouring. It’s a way to get your kids excited to start traveling, something we’re already planting in Fin who’s turning three soon. Here are samples of the pages inside:

Now for the the best part of this post, FULLY BOOKED is offering these books to two of my site’s readers. It’s simple

1. Like my blog’s FB page and like Fully Booked’s FB page

2. Leave your email address using rafflecopter OR leave a comment in my comment box sharing a tip for traveling with children.

3. You must be willing to claim your prize at Fully Booked (Bonifacio High Street branch)

4. Feel free to encourage your friends and family members to join. The more entries, the more chances of winning.

Raffle closes on October 8, 2015

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UPDATE (Oct.14): The FIVE FINALISTS have been chosen. First two finalists to email me at gets these books:

  1. Monica
  2. Angeli Del Rosario
  3. Dio
  4. Celin Medoza
  5. Dianne Regina

Lonely Planet Books can be purchased at all Fully Booked outlets. Find out more through their:

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Reading: Snuggle Wuggle Wee

DSC05596While still pregnant with Nara, Buding Aquino Dee, one of the wonder women behind LATCH gifted us with this lovely book about welcoming a baby into your home. This book was a lovely way to get Fin used to the idea that we would have a new addition to the family and to learn about the wonders of breastfeeding as well.

Snuggle Wuggle Wee is a read through the eyes of a little girl whose family just welcomed her little brother. The story is beautiful and the illustrations world class.

DSC05598It would make a lovely addition to any child’s library. Especially one expecting a new sibling in the near future.

DSC05601Snuggle Wuggle Wee may be bought at Style Me Little, or for only p250 or you can text Buding at 09178252229 to order directly.

All photos taken my awesome photography partner Pat Martires. Check out his:

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