Sun Bum Sunblock: Why You Should Trust the Bum

With summer in the Philippines ready to kick into full swing, it’s time to look for some serious sun protection. My other proudly claims that when I was a child I never had a sunburn because she made sure I was always properly protected and covered. I know make sure to do the same for my kids (and husband).

Sun Bum is a small company based in Cocoa Beach, Florida that started making products for their friends and family. They like to keep business small to make sure that every bottle of Sun Bum that leaves their shop has the same superior quality their friends and family have known to love. They don’t use focus groups, make decisions in boardrooms, hide ingredients or make bogus claims. That’s what I love about their message. They’re a group of friends who know what works and what doesn’t and we’re happy to share it with us.

Here are some helpful tips from Sun Bum:

Sun Bum also makes browning lotion that smells so good. Definitely a favorite of the husband.

Don’t forget how many teaspoons of sunscreen you need to put!

They also make hair products to make sure you hair and scalp are protected from the water and sun.

 Learn more about Sun Bum through their Website |  Facebook Page | Instagram | Twitter

Sun Bum is distributed in the Philippines through ParasolyMar.PH contact them through their Facebook Page


New Fragrance: Inlé by Memo Paris

The Memo Paris fragrance house was launched in 2007 by Clara Molloy and her husband John. This olfactory couple see fragrance as a journey, forging its identity around magical destinations and potent raw materials. They often travel to far-off places and find inspiration for their fragrances in their encounters.

John and Clara Molloy (image from this site

Take a trip to Burma with Memo Paris’ latest fragrance Inlé. Inspired by Burma’s Lake Inlé, this fragrance has notes of jasmine, bergamot, mint, and tea for a scent that is both warm and crisp. I personally love how it makes a room smell when I wear it.

Inlé can be purchased in the Philippines at Art of Scent. Check out their

Website | Instagram | Facebook 


Full Brows Cosmetics

Many makeup artists can’t stress enough the importance of having your brow game strong. Well groomed brows frame your face and make you look more youthful. I’ll be the first to admit that it was only in my mid 30s when I began to take the time to fill in my brows.

Thankfully brands like Full Brow are now here to make the job easier. A complete Full Brow set comes with wax, a brow brush/spool, brow powder and highlighter.

I’ve been using this Full Brow set all week and I have to say it has been so easy to have natural looking well groomed eye brows because of it. I especially like the wax, which you gently swipe with your fingers before using the spool part of the brush to groom every single hair into its proper place.

Full Brow is available at all Beauty Bar branches. Learn more through their

Website | Facebook | Instagram