A Fully Booked Giveaway: Lonely Planet’s The Honeymoon Handbook

There’s often no better excuse to splurge on an amazing vacation than for your honeymoon. It’s the time in your life when you’re allowed to have the adventure of your dreams with the person you’re crazy about.

For Carl and I, we decided to spend two weeks exploring Turkey as our honeymoon destination and absolutely loved it. For others, it may be a trip to Iceland or Argentina, or somewhere warmer like the Galapagos. Or maybe these are just places on MY bucket list! Haha.

The Lonely Planet series has made finding the perfect honeymoon destination easier by compiling all the best places in this nifty little book. Aside from listing down a number of perfect twosome destinations, this book is also loaded with travel tips.

I can’t think of a more perfect gift for a bridal shower actually.

Now for the the best part of this post, FULLY BOOKED is offering two copies of this book to two of my site’s readers. Here’s how to join: 

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2. Leave a comment in my comment box sharing a tip for traveling on your honeymoon OR what your dream destination is. 

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FIVE finalists will be chosen on April 7 and announced here. The first two to email me will win the copies! Feel free to encourage your friends and family members to join. The more entries, the more chances of winning. 

UPDATE: Here are the 5 Finalists for this giveaway as chosen by Fully Booked. First two to email me at info@catjuan.com will win a copy.

  1. Erika
  2. RJ Dancel
  3. Stefanie
  4. vincent
  5. MAV

UPDATE: These two finalists have already emailed to claim their prize! Congratulations,

Stefanie and MAV!

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  1. ELINOR SEMIRA says:

    My dream destination would be New Zealand because I would like to visit the Lord of the Rings shooting locations, I would like to explore the beautiful scenery and landscapes there and to know more about the people, their culture and food as well.

  2. My dream honeymoon destination is Ireland! I’d love to explore the picturesque sites and go on scenic drives.

    My honeymoon was a few years back but I remember being stressed at times because time was tight and my husband and I wouldn’t be able to squeeze everything in our itinerary. Looking back, I’d say just take it easy and enjoy each other’s company. It’s not so much about what you see but how you enjoy what you’re able to see 🙂 The important thing about traveling is not really finishing a checklist but enjoying the culture, food, and sights.

  3. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan and now that I’m getting married this September, I’m looking forward to going there with my husband! 🙂

  4. Debbie Chua says:

    My dream destination would be Sri Lanka. It has a little bit of history, wildlife and the beach ofcourse.

  5. RJ Dancel says:

    My dream destination has always been New Zealand or Europe. I guess what my partner and I love about it is that everything’s oozing with culture, and the discoveries going to a foreign land excites us. Honestly a big part of me feels we’ll never have our dream honeymoon, and maybe we won’t be as successful enough given that we became parents at a really young age, plus my partner’s still studying culinary. But sometimes journeying together, whether it’s just a random village park, to hidden beaches in La Union, or a tucked away waterfall in Sagada, it will always be a honeymoon for us. But it also helps to have a goal and actually working hard for it to achieve. For now, we’re taking it slow and one day, despite all the doubts, we’ll achieve our dream honeymoon after we get married 🙂

  6. Hello. My wife loves Korean Drama. That’s why she wants to go to Korea. I love anime that’s why I want to go to Japan. But we thought, why not both? 😆 So we’re looking forward to go to these two countries. But she’s currently pregnant. So we’ll set it sometime after she gave birth.

  7. PS: We got married November last year and had our honeymoon last month at Malaysia and Sinagapore. Although we enjoyed the trip, the pregnancy symptoms made it a little complicated. That’s why as I said, we’ll catch up after she gave birth. Thank you and good day 😬

  8. My dream honeymoon destination is Europe every since. My husband and I have been married since 2012 and we didn’t had the chance of a honeymoon farther than Tagaytay! We can’t schedule our “post-honeymoon” (though we already have children) because of busy schedules.

  9. Stefanie says:

    Sweeeet book! 😍 Lonely Planet is my must bring in all my travels. Such an interesting issue!
    Getting married soon and I’m more excited to plan for the honeymoon than the wedding day 😍 Both my man and I connect through nature and Kaua’i, Hawaii’s our dream destination. We both hike and surf a lot and Kaua’i’s the perfect dreamy combo with all the mountains, canyons, and beaches tossed in one. Non-negotiables would be catching some waves out at Po’ipū, hiking the Kalalau Trail through the deep rainforest, and paddling out to the Nā Pali cliffs and imagining what it were like to be the first Polynesians discovering the pristine beauty!

  10. vincent says:

    Dream destination for a honeymoon for me would be capetown, south africa or capri, italy.
    Both have that timeless, and simple yet romantic feel while not being cliche which is also a good description of the stage where my future wife and I are. It’s not as famous and documented as the other places also so both places will give us lots of opportunities to discover for ourselves and just enjoy each other’s company.

  11. Thank you for your generosity National/Fully Booked and Cat (the most beautiful and most talented blogger in the world).

    The place doesn’t matter as long as you are very truly, happy, together but the place the comes to mind, would be:

    All by yourself, visit a very nice catholic gothic church, make your prayers of care and love for each other known, kiss her church wedding ring, she kisses your church wedding ring, then rent the german Neuschwanstein Castle for 3 days, the castle the Disney castle is based on (which can be really rented, they say). Buy her a very nice tiara and she buys you a nice crown, buy a very powerful telescope, test kit, and a futon, then buy or order or cook your favorite and new dishes and dessert. Seated together, have your breakfast, lunch and dinner on the highest castle tower, act out romantic scenes in movies, after which, lie down (in warm embrace) and watch the sunset, watch the stars together while still acting lines from the movies, throwing in some cheesy movie dialogues for kicks and giggles, with extremely delicate, slow, gentle kisses & huge slow, tight hugs in between,,,while that feeling of eternal love puts your loved of a lifetime, to sleep, then watch the sunrise. Repeat for the next 2 days, this glimpse of heaven. On the last day, after she tests positive, talk about what name and why, he or she is going to be and talk about your big dreams for her or him (hopefully twins) with extremely delicate, slow, patient… gentle kisses & huge slow… very tight… hugs in between.

    Before all that, before getting to your rented castle (your means to get there as well), tour the european waters/lake near it, on a canoe; sharing a very huge glass of freshly squeezed ice cold berries smoothie with extremely, delicate..

    :-)God bless. Proverbs 31 & 1 Corinthians 13

  12. Kaity Bato says:

    My husband and I (both had our babies at a young age), so we were not able to go on an “official” honeymoon just yet (since we are both hands on with our boys). If given a chance we want to eat our hearts out at Japan! Eat, take photos and just enjoy the scenery! I think if you enjoy the company of the person, any destination will truly be special! In this case, I’ve always enjoyed doing stuff with my husband (:

  13. I recently got married and had our honeymoon in Tokyo. Some might say that Tokyo is not much of a honeymoon destination as it involves a lot of walking and sight seeing instead of just lazing around and enjoying each other’s company. However, I’ve learned that wherever your destination might be the more important thing is the person who you are with.

    My husband and I have been in a long distant relationship for five years now so spending quality time with each other is like a golden opportunity for the two of us.

    During our honeymoon we made sure to not overpack our itinerary and create a lot of room to savor each and every step that we took. Honeymoon is meant to be enjoyed and not to be the source of stress. Travelling is also a good way of knowing each other more, there will be times that you will get lost or you will board the wrong train, take this opportunity to laugh it off and enjoy instead of wanting to kill each other haha!

    Another tip is to not plan your honeymoon alone, make sure that you and your soon to be husband agreed on all the sights and activiities that you want to do.

    We will be going on honeymoon part 2 this August and I can’t wait to spend more time with my husband 🙂

  14. AprilleAB says:

    My dream destination is Maldives… My husband and I have been married for 13 years and every year we go on “just us no kids” trip for our wedding anniversary. If I win this book I can research on more places we can go to since we plan to be married and go on honeymoons for a looong time 😄