Giveaway: Heyjow Turns 3

Heyjow is a proudly local accessories brand that has been making beautiful handcrafted pieces for the last three years. Designed and curated by its owner Joana (Jow), their pieces are timeless and often catering to those looking for that unique splash of color to add a bit of oomph to their wardrobe. Check out this previous post.

And because Joana is super generous with her beautiful items when it comes to my readers. I have some lovely gifts to share in celebration of their three year anniversary. ONE GRAND WINNER is going to have the chance to take home this beautiful set:

• Bangle bracelet featuring an 18K band embellished with 3 teardrop-shaped druzies and a faceted aquamarine stone

• Single necklace featuring a gray stalactite pendant with a gold plated edge hanging on 24k gold plated wire-wrapped rosary chain made of agate crystals. Each stalactite piece is unique due to their natural formation.

But that’s not all, two lucky readers will be given an E-Card to receive a substantial discounts while ordering from Heyjow’s website. These cards will be sent via email address.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 8.25.07 am

Here are some other beautiful pieces from the 3rd Anniversary collection: Spectral Soiree (images from




Here’s how to join:

1. Like Cat JL and Heyjow‘s Facebook pages respectively.

2. Leave a comment on this post either using Rafflecopter or the comment box below. In the comment box answer the question: Where would you take your Heyjow piece?

3. Five finalists will be chosen by July 7, 2016. First finalist to email gets the grand prize while the next two will win the online gift certificate.

4. You must have a Philippine address to join.

Update: Here are the FIVE FINALISTS

Annabelle Barlis

Shelly Ann Itay

Carol Chan

Gino Klint

Pearl Diano

First three to email me at get a prize!

Update: Congratulations to our winners Annabelle, Gino, and Shelly for being the first three to email! Thank you for joining our giveaway! 

Learn more about Heyjow through their:

Website | Facebook | Instagram 



  1. Maria Lorenza Alba says:

    Ooh I will be traveling to Phuket in August and I would love to take this with me there. Looking forward to all my OOTDs with these delicate, beautiful pieces. So gorgeous!

  2. Rocel A. Villasis says:

    Heyjow’s pieces are beautiful! Would love to wear them during my birthday dinner in August!

  3. Christine Santico says:

    I’d wear them at work, on a date, on lunch dates with my best friends. Everywhere! I think Heyjow’s pieces are very classy and versatile that could give life to all my basic outfits

  4. Miami A. Cabansay says:

    Will definitely wear the pieces at work to complement my outfits at the same time show them to my women colleagues and friends. 🙂

  5. Heyjow’s has the most stunning accessories that really deserves its magical moment. I have been following them ever since. I would love to wear this on my birthday date with my family. I will pair it with heels and with my classic little black dress or white dress which will serve as a nice background to these jewelries and will make them shine even more. I wan to wear this on my 33rd Birthday on August 27 because it’s a great way to celebrate another milestone in your life and it’s also like celebrating with Heyjow because it’s their 3rd Anniversary. I’m turning 33 and Heyjow turns 3! that’s sounds perfect! these timeless pieces just screams women empowerment, individuality, womanhood and it simply speaks the beauty of a woman. Happy 3rd Anniversary Heyjow and Thanks Cat for these.

  6. Christine Santico says:

    I’d wear them to work, to dates, lunch dates with my best friends. Everywhere, actually. Heyjow’s pieces are very classy and versatile, they would give life to my basic outfits

  7. Tina Langit says:

    I’d take them to a nice romantic dinner with my husband, for starters. Then, i would also wear them to friends’ weddings and special occasions. 🙂

  8. Maan Delos Santos says:

    I’d wear them when travelling (which I actually do!). Most of my closet is composed of neutrals, so it is easy to mix and match (especially when I have to live out of my suitcase). Heyjow’s pieces add just the most perfect touch of color and sparkle to brighten up my outfits – crucial for those instagram shots. 😉 Plus they are Pinoy made – a lovely anchor to home – a fact I proudly share with people who compliment my Heyjow necklaces.

  9. Aissa Dela Cruz says:

    I’d take it with on my birthday trip (July 6) to Boracay, alone (because my boyfriend just broke up with me.) But after that I’ll definitely pair it will all my outfits, their accessories are perfect with anything that I have in my capsule wardrobe.

  10. Aimee Manapat says:

    I will take my heyjow piece to a dinner date with my husband 🙂 haven’t had a date since I gave birth and I think this will make my little black dress very elegant and even more beautiful. Happy Anniversary Heyjow!!!

  11. Katherine Tapia says:

    My birthday this year (in July) will be a special one because a few days after that, I will be giving birth to our second baby boy! I will wear my heyjow piece for my birthday dinner with my husband and eldest son, and of course to the christening of our new baby! Both pieces are stunning, but the necklace caught my attention – the rosary chain woild represent my devotion to Mother Mary, which means I can wear it every day!

  12. I Will wear the pieces everywhere , where ever I go ?

  13. I couldn’t post in Rafflecopter for some reason…..but anyway, I’ll take the HeyJow accessories everywhere! The pieces are versatile so it will look good in any of my outfits. 🙂

  14. anne lara says:

    i will take this pieces to my work outfit. it will add an extra oomph to my day 🙂

  15. Katherine c. Manalansan says:

    Pretty and stylish accessories brings life to plain outfits. Given the chance, i’ll wear these babies to a dinner with my husband on our upcoming beach trip.. After giving birth to our 1y.o., we try very hard to spend time as a couple. As a mom/wife i make it a point to always be pretty not just for my huband but most importantly for myself ???

  16. I will take it with me when i travel to the uk in august!

  17. I would take my unique Hyejow piece everywhere. Just so I can make a statement and add an interesting twist to my OOTD.

  18. i will take heyjow pieces to weddings. Afterall, heyjow pieces seem to always say “and they live happily ever after”

  19. Aubrey Erollyn Fumar says:

    I would love to wear heyjow elegant accessories on important and special days like attending debut , weddings, and family dates . Heyjow pieces are stunning and pretty and can go well with any OTTD’s .
    God bless us 😀

  20. Shelly Ann Itay says:

    Last November 2015, my almost husband gained his angel wings & 2 days after, it was my birthday, the weirdest day ever in my life…I’ve been wearing a lot of dark clothes since then but I already have ideas for my ootd on his 1st year ‘no-more-heartbeat’ anniversary / my birthday celebration too. It’s going to be light shades of blue & a heyjow piece or two would surely make me look better on that day & ‘happy’ somehow when I attend a catholic mass. ^^

  21. floricel says:

    I Will wear heyjow accessories on our wedding anniversary..My husband will be happy to see me wearing this kind of accessories paired with the right dress…

  22. maricar bondoc says:

    Will wear it on the 7th bday of my eldest.

  23. Rose Ann Louise C. Centena says:

    This coming October,my family and I will be having a trip to Boracay. It’s gonna be my mom’s first time to visit the island on her birthday, October 21, and I would like to give her the necklace as a gift. I would like her to feel very beautiful with this uniqe Heyjow piece! On the other hand, I would also like to wear the bangle bracelet with aquamarine stone ( which is actually my birthstone since I was born on March 21?) in the beautiful paradise of Boracay!

  24. Louise Jane Bonggo says:

    Timeless masterpiece such as HeyJow”s accessories are truly worth the showcasing in any kind of occasion. I’m loving their very unique and classy designs that is why precious finds like these make me think of my mom and her fondness for jewels. If I ever won the grand prize, I’d probably have it as a gift to mom’s 45th birthday. I know she’d take them places and Subic will surely be the first of many because they will celebrate there and I won’t be with them unfortunately because of work. Yet I’ve got nothing to worry about, HeyJow’s will be in good hands.

    Happy 3rd Anniversary, HeyJow!

  25. Where would you take your Heyjow piece?

  26. Where would I take my Heyjow piece?
    I will use it on our next anniversary trip!!!

  27. pamela apuhin says:

    I will wear the necklace on my bestfriend’s Church wedding on July 16 where I will be her MOH. The bangle will be worn by the bride herself, the design of which perfectly encapsulates her family (the three druzies: she, her husband & their daughter), our friendship (the band) and myself (the aquamarine stone).

  28. To diplomatic receptions 🙂

  29. I would take the hey Jow piece anywhere from a fun night out with my friends, and to a formal dinner party to show off how it gorgeously compliment my style with sophistication and class.

  30. Vina Llorente says:

    I would like to take my heyjow accessories to a fine dining restaurant with my hubby and son. This plan will be on Sept 8 on my 33rd birthday.
    This will be my first accessories ever! if i will be blessed to have it.
    I want my two boys to see how stunning I am. I want them to see me as their woman full of grace and elegance.

  31. Mary Jane Dionela says:

    I will gladly wear my Heyjow piece on a romantic dinner date with my husband on our 7th wedding anniversary next month. Not only that I would take it to meetings, weddings and dinner with friends.

  32. I’d take them to visit all those gorgeous Palaces Korea!

  33. Phoebe Ruth M. Roberto says:

    For someone who works in an office, we rarely get the chance to wear something that represents our style and uniqueness. Since our uniforms are the symbolism of unity towards providing public service, I don’t make changes on the design. I believe, wearing a heyjow accessory would be a way for me to express my uniqueness and style without placing myself away from serving other people with my clothing.

  34. Paula Alagao says:

    I will wear bring the Heyjow piece to my sister’s home coming. She went abroad f0ur years ago and I’m so excited to see her again. If I win, I will give it to her as soon as I see her from the airport. I hope I will win your lovely accessories for her. Thank you very much in advance.

  35. Gino Klint L. Jugalbot says:

    Hi Ms. Cat im one of your biggest fan and follower. If ill win this set eventhough im a guy ill give this one to my Mom for her coming 62nd Birthday this August. Our moms deserves the best… I know she will rock this one on her upcoming college reunion and of course on her birthday. ❤❤❤

  36. I love Heyjow! ? I love its happy colors and designs, which you can wear on any occasion. Long live Heyjow! ??

  37. Donna Mae Dizon says:

    I will wear heyjow piece/s to work and when I travel. My friend is getting mattied this September it will be the perfect accesory to my dress.

  38. Carol Chan says:

    I want to wear my Heyjow piece on our wedding anniversary next next week, I have already bought a new dress and the Heyjow necklace and bangle would be the perfect accessories for my outfit. It would also be a surprise for my husband as I will be wearing something beautiful that was not bought form our joint savings account! Happy third anniversary to Ms. Joana!. Wishing her more creative juices to come up with more beautiful pieces that every woman would love to wear!

  39. Janice Cuevas says:

    I’m an avid reader and fan of both catjuan and heyjow, I follow you both on FB and IG too. I’ve taken my heyjow pieces with me whenever I travel. Whether at the mall or to a friend’s birthday/get together. But I love taking it to my beach trips – La Union, Batangas, Davao, Palawan, Cebu and Boracay! I love how it goes well with any outfit and occassion. I’ve been eyeing these new pieces and would love to bring them to my next travel destination, hopefully out of the country this time. Looking forward to more of your inspiring features Ms. Cat, and your beautiful pieces Ms.Jow! XOXO, @adventuresofislandgirl

  40. Pearl Diano says:

    These are stunning! I’d wear them on dates, on special days, on ordinary days and even when I paint. Truly inspiring pieces!

  41. I am taking the Heyjow piece to my hometown in Davao. After 3 years, I am so excited to see family and old friends once again. I would really want to look nice when I see them again.

  42. Rebecca says:

    I would wear Heyjow wherever Motherhood will take me. As I am expecting my first child soon, I am looking forward to this journey with my husband. It wasn’t an easy road for us as it took four years of fixing myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. The prize from the giveaway will serve as a reminder that this is truly a wonderful blessing from Our Creator + everything happens on its own time. Eventually, we can share this precious moment with our child, as she will inherit this heirloom piece of bliss too.

  43. Yna Maclang says:

    There are so many beautiful places I can take these gorgeous pieces. If I have to choose one, I’ll bring them to this gem of a place called Carmelite. It is a quaint little church and convent on top of a hill in Cagayan De Oro. During my infancy, my Mom got sick so she would visit this place to pray for my healthy delivery. Prayers answered and 33 years down the road, I am blessed with such a beautiful life. As I make my next trip up that hill, I would like to take with me the heyjow pieces, such divine gifts, as precious as the life bestowed on me.

  44. Camille Quiambao says:

    The Aquamarine – Turtle Bracelet Trio is lovely! I’d love to bring it to my Bali trip late this October. Perfect beach accessory 🙂

  45. Riyalyn Gatdula says:

    Matchy matchy with dress!

  46. Always wanted to have my own HeyJow. I’ll definitely wear it almost everyday so I’ll take it everywhere I’d go. Mostly here in Davao where I do workshops or meet clients by day then a date with friends after.

  47. Yna Maclang says:


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    Yna Maclang
    July 6, 2016 at 7:32 pm
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    There are so many beautiful places I can take these gorgeous pieces. If I have to choose one, I’ll bring them to this gem of a place called Carmelite. It is a quaint little church and convent on top of a hill in Cagayan De Oro. During my infancy, my Mom got sick so she would visit this place to pray for my healthy delivery. Prayers answered and 33 years down the road, I am blessed with such a beautiful life. As I make my next trip up that hill, I would like to take with me the heyjow pieces, such divine gifts, as precious as the life bestowed on me.

  48. Hi! Who are the finalist? Thanks 🙂 Hoping to be picked 🙂

  49. who won? when will you announce the winners?

  50. Shelly Ann Itay says:

    thanks a bunch! I’m 3rd! simple blessings do make me happy! will be able to wear a pretty hey jow piece/s in november.

  51. Thanks Cat for this early birthday gift! Can’t wait to wear this beautiful heyjow set!
    Happy Anniversary again Heyjow! 🙂