Giveaway: Seda Nuvali Staycation


You probably read earlier last year how much my family and I enjoyed our little staycation at Seda Nuvali. In case you missed it, you can read that article here.

seda21I’m thrilled to share that Seda has been kind enough to offer one lucky blog reader and his/her family a chance to spend a night in this lovely hotel for a peaceful staycation to start the new year!


Here is what will be included in this giveaway:

  • an overnight stay for one deluxe room in Seda Nuvali
  • buffet breakfast for two (2) persons, wi-fi access and use of these facilities – swimming pool, game room, children’s playroom and fitness center. (Breakfast is free of charge for children 0-6 years old, while 50% discount is extended to children 7-12 years old)
  • Room can accommodate 2 Adults and 2 Kids
  • This gift certificate will be valid until January 2017

Here are sample pics of these beautiful rooms with the single or double bed options:

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 6.14.03 pm

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 6.14.10 pm

Here’s how to join:

Step 1: Like my blog’s Facebook page AND Seda Hotel’s Facebook Page.

Step 2: (You only need to choose one of these options)

a. Leave a comment sharing an activity you and your family love to do together.


b. Regram my FB announcement or IG post about this giveaway with the tag #catjlxseda


c. If you’re not much of a writer leave your email address using the Rafflecopter widget below. It’s worth a shot.


d. If you really want to make an impact and have the time, do all THREE options.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends on January 26. Seda will choose the five best entries and the first one to email me will get the staycation! Good luck!


Here are the five finalists for this giveaway. The first finalist to email us at will win this wonderful staycation! Good luck! 

  1. Rica Ragudo (blog comment)
  2. RJ Dancel (blog comment/rafflecopter)
  3. Kris Aquino (FB repost/rafflecopter)
  4. Rocoi (IG repost)
  5. Anabelle Lee-Barlis (blog comment)

UPDATE: Congratulations to Rocoi for being the first to email and win this giveaway! We hope you enjoy your staycation at Seda Nuvali! 



  1. Rica Ragudo says:

    The activities we like doing as a family are going swimming and having a staycation! Swimming in the pool club house on weekends or afer school/work or swim where we are having a staycation. We have stayed a couple of times in Seda Nuvali and our daughter loves it there! This give away will be perfect for our family this summer, family swimming and staycation in Seda!

  2. My (small) family and I love to travel to new places! Instead of shopping, we splurge on dining at the best restaurants a new city or country has to offer. We also love exploring parks and open spaces. 🙂

  3. Rocel A. Villasis says:

    We love staycations! We have never been to Nuvali, and your photos of Seda hotel are beautiful! Would love to win , get the chance to stay there, enjoy the park and feed the fish! 🙂

  4. Elizabeth Supangco says:

    My family loves to travel. The whole family appreciates the beauty of God’s creation. We are also into arts and food exploring.

  5. Grace Reyes says:

    Our family usually goes out of town like long drives to northern Luzon or stay in hotels to bond and get away from the hustle and bustle of Manila. We weren’t able to leave last December as I suffered from an unwanted miscarriage. Looking forward to getting a chance to getaway with my family sometime soon. With the pictures you posted and your blog, me and my family would be blessed to experience this hotel.

  6. Alfred Reyes says:

    A beautiful place. Hope to win your contest. Thank you.

  7. Alfred Reyes says:

    We bond in parks or in timezone, it would be good to try a staycation again.

    Hope to win.

  8. My family and I live in the city so we choose to leave for a while to go on mini vacations in hotels located in far places like Tagaytay. It’s a great way to enrich the children’s experiences. If we were not able to stay overnight, we love visiingt fun and educational places like farms and museums.

  9. This has always been a dream staycation with my 2 year old son. I want him to experience nature, get to enjoy, run and walk along the grass area. Sit on the grass with a blanket and have a mini picnic together. I was able to bring him to Nuvali once and we stayed for just 1 hour but I saw how happy he was playing and running around and see the fish and I would want us to do this again and take tons of photos of him. Thank!!!

  10. Jam Fernandez says:

    Our family loves staycations! I’m hoping to win this giveaway, 🙂

  11. We love staycation and we love Seda. We’ve been to Seda BGC, Davao except for Nuvali 🙂

    Our staycation would consist of swimming, cuddles at night and unhurried breakfast.

  12. I love shopping and traveling to lesser known/”exotic” places while my husband is a homebody. Now that we are a “little” family, raising our 7month old baby on our own (no nanny! ?) , we enjoy staycations and exploring baby and breastfeeding friendly places in the Philippines. We scout for local gems like hidden restaurants and unique finds. Basically, rediscovering…finding offbeat tracks from the ordinary and creating new experiences from the usual places.

  13. A staycation in Seda sounds perfect! I would like to share this with someone who has put aside his wants and needs in order to provide for me. We both love nature and the warmth of a home away from home, which Seda is. My husband will surely love this.

  14. kristine tanlimco says:

    My husband and I love to travel and explore new places where we can relax and take in what nature has to offer. Now that we have our new baby, we would love to travel more with our little one and show him what mother nature has to offer and have fun experiences. We would love to create more memories together and staycations are definitely in! 🙂

  15. april evangelista says:

    We are living in a condo unit, and this vacation will just be just soooo perfect to go out and have a different view of the horizon. Being with my lil family, kahit anong activity will just be great! ?

  16. Carmina H. Decena says:

    My husband and I love to eat and watch movies. While we like to go out once in awhile to watch a movie and try new restaurants or indulge in our favorite food spots we also enjoy doing these activities at home. A staycation is something we have always wanted to do for a change, perhaps a honeymoon of sorts which were not able to do when we got married 6 years ago! 🙂

  17. Carmina H. Decena says:

    My husband and I love to eat and watch movies. While we like to go out once in awhile to watch a movie and try new restaurants or indulge in our favorite food spots we also enjoy doing these activities at home. A staycation is something we have always wanted to do for a change, perhaps a honeymoon of sorts which we were not able to do when we got married 6 years ago! 🙂

    • Maria Jessica Apalin says:

      Liked both of the pages!

      Well, we usually spend much of our time at home and just chillin’. My mom and dad haven’t tried staycations yet but I bet they’ll love it! It’ll be a great treat for all their hard work they’ve done just to put me through school. They deserve to be like a king and queen at Seda Nuvali!
      Thank you for this awesome awesome giveaway!

    • Maria Jessica Apalin says:

      Liked both of the pages!

      Well, we usually spend much of our time at home and just chillin’. My mom and dad haven’t tried staycations yet but I bet they’ll love it! It’ll be a great treat for all their hard work they’ve done just to put me through school. They deserve to be like a king and queen at Seda Nuvali! A great gift it’ll be!
      Thank you for this awesome awesome giveaway!

  18. I’m always looking forward to a long weekends because I’m a working mom, I would love to spend more quality time with my husband and 2 yr old son. Seda Nuvali will be a perfect accommodation to spend time with my boys. 🙂

  19. Pie Maraya says:

    I will share this staycation with my Mom, who’s celebrating her 67th birthday this year. For sure, she will be thrilled, especially if her 3 apos could join us too!!

    My Mom is a pillar of strength. Her big heart is admirable. To this day, her act of love is service, and this is what she gives wholeheartedly to me, my brother and his family. For Mom to be able to have this staycation with my pamangkins will surely bring her extra joy and make her 67th birthday (in May) extra meaningful. She enjoys her time with them — making them bantay when swimming, watching over them when playing and laughing and sharing talks with them! My Mom is a cool lola, and I’m pretty sure this Seda experience will thrill her to no end! Whenever I get the chance to bring her out of town (and stay in a hotel), she is very expressive in her gratitude — she says, “Thank you Lord for this blessing! Thank you, Papay (me!) for this experience.”

    Of course, it’d be nice to win this for her. (and readily for sure, Mom will make me take her photos during the staycation and have these photos posted in her Facebook.

  20. a good vacation or staycation with my loved ones involves visiting a place we’ve never been like Seda Nuvali. Once there, exploring the place is a must and availing its’ amenities such taking a dip in a pool on a hot day. Relaxing and just taking in the green surroundings is also relaxing. Another great thing to do is bond over food. Order something new for us or unique and savoring the dish and experiencing its taste and aroma.

  21. My family loves to hang out at the pool and eat ice cream afterwards! We always have fun and great bonding moments as we teach our daughter Belle to swim, and we all love a cup of gelato to relax after. 😉

  22. kristine rejano says:

    My family loves to eat. It is our way of bonding. And because of our busy schedules, we rarely see and spend a lot of time with each other. So we really make the most of our weekends, my husband and I, along with our 4 year old son would spend time going to parks – if we’re lucky and the budget permits, we go out of town or just a hotel staycation – and of course enjoy good food. 🙂

  23. Faye Karen Go says:

    The whole family loves to travel especially during the summer break. Because the kids are off from school, my husband takes 2 weeks off from work too so we can all take a road trip together or explore a new place together,

  24. Fatima Placido says:

    I love Spending Time with my Family!!! Sometimes, with our busy schedules, we don’t always get as much quality time with each other, but we always try. We just eat and watch movies at home. It’s easy to have fun and spend time with my family. I love them all and I’m pretty lucky!! It doesn’t matter how much time we get together or what activity we are doing- we just love spending the time together!! I hope that never changes.

  25. Having our Family we do bible reading together,and do a lot of things,generally we just go to the park or out to dinner,we love going on nature walks,sometimes we love going out of town trips with kids it gives us time to bond a little bit more closer with each other.

  26. We love staying in and watching movies. Also, we cook some comfort food to eat in front of the TV. 🙂

  27. Annabelle lee-Barlis says:

    My little family loves to go on a staycation because we believe that it is our ticket to rest and relaxation without the hassle and cost of travel time, especially now, come to think of it.. We only have several number of years to raise our kids and make an impact in their lives and so whenever our time permits, we go to different places to discover, learn and explore with our son. Coz it’ll be over before we know it they’re gonna have their own family too.. #sanicareplease ??
    Playground, swimming pool, cartoons, Family and Pizza are always our staycation essentials! And what we always love to do as a family are sleeping in, eating, resting, dippin’ in the pool, baking in the sun and playing! And I know we can get these from Seda Hotel! We want to stay there for a Stop and Pause session with my family and where the next day I might just press Repeat! We can’t wait to feel the #BestFeelingsintheWorld at Seda Hotel! ???

  28. Lon Guevarra says:

    Fitness is a priority for my family. We love heading to the gym and running in a great outdoor setting. All the physical activity naturally makes us want to dine and dine we do! We love talking over meals and just enjoying the food to the hilt. Staycastions are also a time for movie marathons and restful naps. Seda Hotel would be a perfect venue for us.

  29. Lon Guevarra says:

    Fitness is a priority for my family. We love heading to the gym and running in a great outdoor setting. All the physical activity naturally makes us want to dine and dine we do! We love talking over meals and just enjoying the food to the hilt. Staycations are also a time for movie marathons and restful naps. Seda Hotel would be a perfect venue for us

  30. Bea Agarao says:

    If i win this contest, I am going to give this as a gift to my friend who I miss so much since I moved here in the UK. I’m sure her kids will enjoy Seda Nuvali especially their pool! It will be a great birthday gift for her. She’ll be turining a year older this March! 🙂

  31. Bea Agarao says:

    If i win this contest, I’m going to give this as a gift to my friend who will be turning a year older this March! I miss her so much ever since I moved in the UK. I’m sure her 2 kids will enjoy Seda Nuvali especially their pool! 🙂

  32. Riyalyn Gatdula says:

    Since my parents are both OFW, whenever they have a 3 months vacation. We spend our quality time so much. When we are at home we enjoy doing grilling barbecue, my Mama always cook her favorite and master recipe. Pakbet, Bulalo, relenong bangus, sisig and kilawin! But when got bored at home we do Malling and go to the places they never been, do foodtrips and shopping together.. Way back 2011 was my favorite vacay because we are able to go to La Union and Baguio! My dream come true family out of town escapade, I really treasure and cherished that because that’s why I want to spend our time and got family bonding.. Go and explore for a tourist spots, tell never ending stories and got silly and laughed whenever there’s a funny thing we talked. Goofing and roaming around the places.. Eating and find good eats/food that we never usually eat.. Take photos everywhere.. So sad that I’ll never able to retrieve all the photos that we had on our vacay because my Pap’s memory card got virus and there’s anything possible to retrieve because it needs to reformat it first. I’m so devastated that time and until now. Haha. But it’s okay because that memories will always in my heart. It always captured even without those photos.. Last year we bought new added to our family, the car we named baby strads (strada) so it’s very convinient adn comfortabel to go anywhere without hassle. My papa love’s to drove anywhere. Kahit nga dyan lang ako sa labas ng Subdivision, hatid at sundo nya ako using our car. I know he’s proud and happy! I really can see it through his eyes. Doing groceries together every week, shopping kitchenware and anything home stuff.. That’s all the stuff we always want to do whenever they come home for a vacation. Quality time is the most important because it’s the thing you will never able to get back. So I always treasure and make sure spend my short time when they are here. This month I’m so euphoric that they will home again soon and I’m looking forward for the new activities and another places to explore together with them.. And I really wish that this time I want to surprise or treat them as my way of saying how I am forever thankful and blessed to have them. God knows how much I loved and missed them.. Because I feel like a lifetime seems to have passed in minutes..

    Thank you for this giveaway! Hope to win! :))

  33. Riyalyn Gatdula says:

    IG: @yurilovesteddy

  34. Michael Barlis says:

    Maintaining a healthy marriage would be my reason why we deserve to have this staycation from Seda Hotel. With the demands of my work, i sometimes don’t have enough time for my family but whenever I do have free time, my family and I loves to go on to staycation, go swimming and just have some playtime with our son. And so having this staycation would be a great chance to have a family bonding, spend some relaxation and create some happy time for us. We’ve always wanted to go Seda and Nuvali because we want to play at the park and go fishing! This is also a great way to keep our romance alive. And if ever I win, will surprise my wife to this staycation from Seda hotel and will bring them there on Valentines day. This is also my one way of thanking and honoring her for being a good wife and a devoted loving mom to our son for I know that being a MOM is no joke and it is really hard and with this it’s my one way of repaying her for her hardwork. My wife deserves this rest and relaxation at seda hotel. We can’t wait to create beautiful memories at the said beautiful place. And one thing is for sure, they are my home. Sometimes, “HOME” is with eyes and a heartbeat.

  35. My family and I love planning scrabble. No matter how techie the world has become. We still find time to enjoy the old fashioned board games.

  36. Honestly it has been a long time since our family has gotten together for a vacation. Ever since my got married, moved out, and had started a family, we haven’t gone on a real family vacation yet. It’s difficult to pull off too, since my parents are both workhorses.

    But when we do get together, we enjoy what else? EATING! And laughing over conversations and (quite honestly) corny jokes during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I guess this dysfunctional family’s game is to bond over the simplest things, to make memories in every day and to laugh over such memories in the future. 🙂

  37. We love to spend more time with kids and have more fun No laptop and avoid unnecessary phone calls

  38. We just welcomed our second baby and woud like to treat my growing family to a staycation 🙂

  39. John Paul S. Tanyag says:

    Like most families, ours has also a collection of perfect bonding moments. Everytime when a family member is celebrating his/her birthday, we never fail to give the necessary celebration at the house. When we need to do such general cleaning, we have our respective tasks and we simply do it happily. But the most bonding moment we have is every Sunday. Whatever the errands be, we should wake up early and together attend the first mass in our Church. After attending mass, we eat breakfast together in a restaurant or we cook at our house. A family member is assigned to select the place where will we eat or what to cook. Then we either go to the mall, to the park or movie marathon at home. We are doing this every Sunday. And when our Mom passed away about three years ago, we still continue these things with one additional activity, visit her at the memorial park. The death of Mom is devastating at first, but it made us bonded even more. Nevertheless, our family bonding moments are simply the best moments. ☺

  40. My little family of 3 which would turn into 4 in just a few months loves to eat, take short walks and cuddle in bed. Hoping to win this so we could spend a whole day bonding with our toddler before he becomes a kuya!

  41. Marites Lariosa says:

    My family bonds best in staying at home watching a good old time movie, my papa likes to watch. He then recalls how movies are formatted back then and how they used to always have song and dance sequence in the Filipino movies. My mom will always second that while preparing a nice Filipino merienda for us. We oftentimes help here cook for turon, ginataan, suman, puto at dinuguan, and during rainy days — champorado and arrozcaldo and sopas! I’d love to give back to these two pillars of our home by winning them this staycation. My papa is a retired soldier and my mama a retired factory worker. Whom both have worked hard to send 3 children to school. They have not experienced staying in a hotel yet. With the pictures you have posted, I am sure they are going to feel pampered and relaxed. Thank you for posting this chance to win a staycation in Seda hotels. Kudos to your blog!

  42. My family has a penchant for staycations, especially my sisters. We would spend holidays or vacation leaves staying at a nice hotel. I just love the clean white sheets, the fluffy pillows. and the fact that I’m not in my cramped, dusty bedroom. We usually eat somewhere nearby or watch a movie, nothing really grand or adventurous. Being together is more than enough. *winks*

    By the way, Seda Nuvali has a special place in my heart because that’s where my boyfriend and I celebrated our first anniversary. The facilities and the service are topnotch! I’m hoping that I could bring my dad there for his 73rd birthday.

    Your blog is very pleasing to the eyes. More power to you, dear!

  43. Camille Quiambao says:

    My 50+ year-old parents and I love going to the beach 🙂

  44. We just like a typical family loves watching a movie while eating chips at home and love hanging out in a mall and eat in a fancy resto. With our schedule that is what we can only do. As times passed, I learned that we need to do other things as life is short. Part of my goal this year is a staycation. I feel we should start doing some things we don’t normally do. This is in time for my hubby’s vacation from overseas. And as I read your post, I think this is so perfect for us as we have two kids. This is so us. More power.

  45. We love coffee and books 🙂 Seda looks perfect for endless talks, reading books and overflowing coffee ?
    Just being together somewhere where we can relax is a blessing ☺ A time off from the buzz of the metro is indeed a nice escape even for a day ? Hope to win this getaway! Could already imagine having coffee by the pool with book in my hand, or just lounging somewhere to relax. As we’re all sleep deprived, staying late in bed would be awesome as well ?

  46. For someone who is at the process of transitioning from freelancing to a full time job, and for my hbby who’s still taking up culinary school, time with our 7 month old son is precious. We may not have the luxury right now to do the things we used to do, but we never forget family time. When Bobby and I go home at night, we spend the few minutes or hours that our son stays awake, read him bedtime stories and cradle him to sleep. I miss having time for him, but both Bobby and I have to make sacrifices in order to secure a bright future for him 🙂 But we enjoy these tender moments at home — nothing over the top, nothing too much. Just doing anything at our the simple, intimate home with our baby is what matters. We still want him to feel we’re still there even if we’re all caught up with school or work. We make sure he spends time with us. The last thing we want is to make him feel like we arent there. We promised ourselves never to do that. 🙂

  47. Since we have three children from ages 1-6, we usually look for kid-friendly accommodations where the kids can swim, ride a bike, explore animals or nature, and do other outdoor activities.

  48. My husband and I love to travel with our 13-month old daugter, Kara. We recently discovered that she loves to swim so we make it a point to go to kid-friendly places with a nice pool where the three of us can play. =)

  49. Kat soriano says:

    My family and I love to do new things together especially vacays and eat outs. But I want this so bad because I want to give my mom her much needed rest and relaxation! ?

  50. Annabelle Lee-Barlis says:

    Is there a winner already? Hope to win! ??? Thank you!

  51. Rocel A. Villasis says:

    Email sent!!! – @rocoi

  52. Annabelle Lee-Barlis says:

    Email sent!! Pls choose me!! Or if we all hope there’s a consolation prize for all the finalists! Bec putting your thoughts into words and finding time to write your thoughts in ur busy world is kinda well a little bit hard esp if ur a full time mom. Please!!! ????

  53. Rocel A. Villasis says:

    Thank you Cat and Seda Nuvali for this amazing giveaway! My famuly and I will definitely enjoy this treat! 🙂