Giveaway: Magnum White Almond

What’s not to love about a Magnum Ice Cream bar? Creamy ice cream coated in a rich chocolate casing that’s the perfect way to reward yourself after a long day of work + Christmas preparations (not to mention December traffic).

Being in a tropical country, we may not exactly have a “white Christmas”. But Magnum hopes to spread their holiday cheer by sharing their new White Almond flavor with you. Belgian white chocolate with almond pieces encase a creamy vanilla ice cream center.

The great news is that Magnum is offering a case of their new White Almond flavor to one lucky Cat JL reader and it will be delivered straight to your doorstep. A perfect addition to your next Christmas party or to keep in the fridge in case of emergencies.

Here’s how to join below: 

  1. Follow Magnum Ice Cream Philippines and my blog’s Facebook page
  2. Leave a comment on this post sharing how you like to unwind after a long day
  3. Deadline to leave a comment is December 15, Tuesday
  4. I will announce via my blog’s FB my five finalists next week
  5. First finalist to email gets a box of Magnum White Almond!
  6. Open to all Philippine residents   

(You can also join by leaving a comment on my Magnum White Almond post on IG)

UPDATE: The Five Finalists have just been chosen. First one to email will get a box of Magnum White Almond delivered straight to your door. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. @leyadeguzman (Instagram)
  2. @triggerhappyjoy (Instagram)
  3. @jennyjaneuy (Instagram)
  4. Celin (Blog Comment)
  5. Ericka S (Blog Comment)

Update: Congratulations, Celin on being the first finalist to email. We hope you enjoy your box of Magnum White Almond! 

Learn more about Magnum through their:

Website | Twitter | Facebook Instagram 



  1. After a very tiring day at work, I reward myself by watching a feel good movie while eating anything sweet and salty. Romantic-comedy films make me feel relaxed and happy. But sometimes, what I do to unwind is hang out with my friends at a very cozy cafe or resto bar, chat about anything and everything under the sun, while of course, eating anything sweet and salty! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I actually unwind after a long day in different ways depending on my mood.

    If I’m feeling a bit kikay, I get to relax by doing my nails. ]
    If I’m feeling a bit nerdy, a good book will let my mind drift away.
    If I’m feeling a bit creative, I tend to do a little DIY. Yesterday, I made a DIY holiday wreath using old electrical wires, a white scarf and ribbons (which I actually got from purchase packaging)
    and if all else fails to relax me, Magnum Classic would always save the day.

  3. Believe it or not a good 8 hour of sleep is all I need for me to unwind. We all know the sleepless nights of a breastfeeding mom, plus having a child of three! If I am lucky enough, having a 30 mins. of a relaxing hot bath or a shower is a major plus. But in a normal regular long day, asking my husband to massage me and online shopping creates a huge smile on my face ?. P.S. My kids will go gaga in this box of magnum. Haha. More power Ms. Cat and Merry Christmas!

  4. A colleague and I celebrate little achievements in the office by running to the nearby convenience store and getting an ice cream. On more special accomplishments, we each get a Magnum because we say that our feat deserves a Magnum moment ๐Ÿ™‚

    That’s how I like to unwind at the end of the dayโ€” treating myself to goodness I know I deserve.

  5. Charmaine Claro says:

    After a long day, I like to unwind by eating a chocolate or an ice cream while reading my favorite books or my favorite bloggers’ post. I’m a silent reader (because I’m a little bit shy) But seriously, I really enjoy reading a blogger’s post. Because I get a lot of ideas. I also love to read books, YA books and of course my Accounting books. I just make sure I’ll rest my eyes before I take a bath. Ice cream or chocolates are my favorite foods after a long day, they are my “stress relievers”

  6. Charmaine Claro says:

    Thank you so much for this chance Ma’am. Hoping to experience a Magnum treat. God bless!

  7. Eating! It will always be my favorite way to unwind. After a long day, whether I decide to watch my favorite US series, read a book, listen to music, it will always be paired with my favorite food or drinks. An ice cream is definitely on my list ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Aubrey Gerard Diaz says:

    here are the usual things I do to unwind after a very long day taking care of my baby:
    1) take a long and relaxing bath – unless baby wakes up to feed again. LOL
    2) watch a movie or read books
    3) catch up with friends through FB or Viber and have a lot of chika.
    4) EAT! I need to reward myself with good food
    5) SLEEP

  9. Maria zenaida elena mendoza says:

    After a tiring day,I want to have food galore and have a magnum ice cream for dessert!!then I think I will have a sweet dream.

  10. Jenina Tuazon says:

    I love to unwind with magnum white almond because being a stay at home parent mom and a housewife is truly a big devotion. You devote your time taking care of everything, to your husband and my baby. Through cleaning the house and doing household chores since i am a yayaless mom. Like me would really deserve a reward even for just a moment to read some books while munching in magnum white almond. truly a heaven for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I unwind just by laying back in our balcony, listening to relaxing music while sipping on some piรฑa colada.