Giveaway: Dandy Ona Miss Twiggy Necklace

Earlier last year, I had the privilege to sit beside a lovely lady named Mansy Abesamis at a fun watercolor event. I quickly learned that she was the woman behind awesome craft store Hey Kessy and is beyond talented when it comes to paper cutting and a whole bunch of other crafty arts. Here are some samples of her work:

Mansy has recently taken her paper cutting skills to a whole new level by creating paper-cut inspired jewelry through her brand Dandy Ona. Look at some of these gorgeous pieces:

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 2.46.12 pm Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 2.46.25 pm

From pendants to earrings and even custom made engagement rings. I don’t think it can get more dainty than this brand which has become one of my personal favorites. The best part is that Mansy and her team behind Dandy Ona are offering a beautiful Miss Twiggy Necklace in silver to one lucky Cat JL reader. This is what it looks like:

Here’s how to join:

Here’s how to join:

Step 1: Like my blog’s Facebook page and Dandy Ona’s IG Page.

Step 2: (You only need to choose one of these options)

a. Leave a comment sharing a craft you do that makes you happy and why.


b. Regram my FB announcement or IG post about this giveaway.


c. If you’re not much of a writer leave your email address using the Rafflecopter widget below. It’s worth a shot.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


d. If you really want to make an impact and have the time, do all THREE options. (Must have a Philippine address to join)

Raffle promo ends on November 11, 2015. Dandy Ona will choose five finalists and I will announce they have been selected on my blog’s FB page.First finalist to email, gets the necklace! Good luck! 

UPDATE: FIVE finalists have been chosen. First one to email gets the necklace:

  1. @merrymommymay (IG repost)
  2. Crystal Marie Cañete (comment)
  3. Sam (comment)
  4. Mandy Camillon (Rafflecopter)
  5. Ann Cagalingan (FB repost)

UPDATE: Congratulations, Crystal Marie Cañete on being the first finalist to email and win the necklace! We hope you enjoy this beautiful piece!

Learn more about Dandy Ona through their:

Website | Instagram



  1. I love scrapbooking best because it is not only therapeutic and calming for me, but it also allows me to look back on the good memories we had and share it with the people I love all over again 🙂

  2. I love writing poems.It’s my way of connecting with myself.I love reading poems as well; it’s my way of connecting with others and with the world.I love writing letters randomly to any person(which I don’t intend to send) because it allows me to understand them and to evaluate my feelings/sentiments for them.

  3. Ma. Christina Nicolas says:

    i’d love to have one!!!

  4. I am really sure if this is considered a craft but I love creating candy buffet for parties. I just love a practical and edible decoration to brighten the celebration and it brings me so much joy to see kids and kids-at-heart enjoy the awesome sweet treats.

    It all started when I bought a chocolate fountain and it was not that popular at the time — it was like pure bliss and heaven to all the attendees – who can say no to a flowing chocolate?!

  5. Gladys Machacon says:

    I once joined a Calligraphy workshop by Fozzy because I love writing – writing stories and the act of writing itself. However, it’s been a while since I practiced, hope to do it again soon – maybe when the baby’s a little older hehe. 🙂

  6. Lovely designs. I like the designs of the ring and necklace. It is very simple but elegant.

  7. Writing has always been my stress-reliever. Sometimes I write before I go to bed (at around 12mn!) just to clear my head and organize my thoughts.

  8. Camille Quiambao says:

    these are adorable! i also love making my own accessories. i especially enjoy making friendship bracelet using yarns 🙂

  9. Handlettering is my stress reliever. Creating beautiful art from letters and words. ?

  10. I like to do calligraphy (pointed pen and brush) and lately, I’ve also been into adult coloring books. I’m not an artist but these two allow me to be creative and work with my hands. It’s a lot of fun and removes the stress I encounter.

  11. I love origamis! Why? First, i only need pieces of paper to make me happy, it’s a cheap craft 🙂 Second, it’s fun and amazing to be able to create something just by folding pieces of paper! Third, it challenges my imagination.

  12. Abigail Teofilo says:

    I love crafted flowers. Both fabric and paper. This allows me to enjoy the beauty of it without hurting nature. 🙂

  13. Gift wrapping! It makes me happy knowing someone will be happy to receive something.

  14. I like doodling because it relaxes me 🙂

  15. I like making buntings and banners for my kids’ room and basically any room in our home. The more colorful, the better. I like doing it because aside from it being a cheap alternative to “redecorating” and changing up the house’s look, my kids also love “helping” out and I feel like I’m nurturing their creativity.

  16. I consider myself as a frustrated artist. I am in awe of people who had found their calling and have their ways on how to express themselves. I love looking at pieces, work of art of different artist as this reflects their emotions and experiences.

    As for me, on my own little way in my everyday life, I try toake my lofe more colorful and meaningful. As a young mom, our house is my masterpiece. Little by little, I try to make it a little homey and “us”. Also, another form of expressing my crafty side is to make diys ony two boys’ Christening and birthday parties.

    Soon, I hope to do a hobby that would really express myself.

  17. celin mendoza

  18. I like scrap booking to preserve memories!

  19. Crystal Marie Cañete says:

    Watercolor lettering! At first I find it challenging but that kind where you’ll be so into it you won’t stop ’til you get it right. After a few attempts, I got it right and there voila it is now my current past time hobby. I find it inspiring and it suits my mind, I feel at peace with myself doing it. Just pure bliss and happiness indeed!