Healthy Monster PH

I started this week on the right foot with fresh salads from Healthy Monsters PH. I love how everything you need for a hearty salad is available in a convenient jar. The best part is that they last in the fridge for 5 days, so you can have a new salad from Monday to Friday.

Here are their current flavors:

1. Asian Salad (Asian dressing, carrots, cabbage, corn, romaine )​​

2. Fiesta salad (quinoa, Mexican dressing, cheese, grape tomato, romaine )

​​3. Nutty salad ( walnuts, almonds, grape tomato, arugula, romaine, strawberry vinaigrette dressing ) – my personal favorite

​​4. Nutty salad blueberry (walnuts, almonds, grape tomato, cheese, blueberry vinaigrette dressing)

​​5. Chia Salad ​(​cucumber, singkamas, arugula, grape tomato, romaine, chia seed dressing)

​​6.Skinny Caesar (​honeyroasted peanuts, grape, tomato, cheese, romaine, skinny Caesar dressing )

​7​. Greek Salad ( new on menu ) (romaine, olives, bell pepper, grape tomato, feta cheese, cucumber, onions, greek dressing )

​​​All their ingredients are organic and sourced locally. Learn how to order through their Instagram.
Ps: Thank you, Kira Ramirez for sending me these delicious salads to try!



  1. Hi Cat! Thank you so much for sharing the news on Healthy Monsters, and I’m glad you enjoyed the salads 🙂 Happy Halloween!