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My father always said that travel was the best form of education. As proof of this, my brother and I would be taken regularly on countless trips around our archipelago and neighbouring countries. These adventure often included red eye flights, long car rides, and lots and lots of sight seeing with our dad who would often get us up at the crack of dawn to explore as much as possible before we were tucked into our hotel beds at night. On that note, I recently received these two books that I’m sure my dad would have appreciated during this portion of our lives:

Lonely Planet: the publishing company for all things travel related have these two globe trotting books available for anyone who like my father believes that taking your children on adventures is bestowing them with a gift of a lifetime.

Travel with Children is a resource book that offers useful tips for traveling to a number of destinations around the globe. It shares suggestions on places to stay, explore, and venture to in almost every continent. I love how the information is helpful without being overwhelming and the layout is easy to navigate through. Here are some pages from the inside of the book:

While Adventures in Famous Places is an activity book that offers children a chance to learn more about countries through puzzles, stickers, and lots of colouring. It’s a way to get your kids excited to start traveling, something we’re already planting in Fin who’s turning three soon. Here are samples of the pages inside:

Now for the the best part of this post, FULLY BOOKED is offering these books to two of my site’s readers. It’s simple

1. Like my blog’s FB page and like Fully Booked’s FB page

2. Leave your email address using rafflecopter OR leave a comment in my comment box sharing a tip for traveling with children.

3. You must be willing to claim your prize at Fully Booked (Bonifacio High Street branch)

4. Feel free to encourage your friends and family members to join. The more entries, the more chances of winning.

Raffle closes on October 8, 2015

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UPDATE (Oct.14): The FIVE FINALISTS have been chosen. First two finalists to email me at gets these books:

  1. Monica
  2. Angeli Del Rosario
  3. Dio
  4. Celin Medoza
  5. Dianne Regina

Lonely Planet Books can be purchased at all Fully Booked outlets. Find out more through their:

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  1. We went on a 16-hour road trip with my then 2-year-old, to Bicol. (The trip took longer than expected! I thought it would just be 8 hours. Waaa!)

    I packed an activity bag for my toddler, and these are the things that kept us sane:

    1. Sticker books. We got an ocean-themed book with lots of trivia and colorful stickers.
    2. Pop-up and lift-the-flap books. We got a beach-themed one!
    3. Fuzzy wires (aka pipe cleaners)
    4. Magic markers – the ones with invisible ink that only works on a special coloring book. This way, I didn’t have to worry about the markers ruining her clothes or the car seat.

    The iPad was the last resort. I only had to pull it out for a tiny part of the trip, thanks to all the activity books I prepared.

  2. Travel With Tots in Tow – that’s me! So how do I leave just 1 tip for traveling with kids when I have too many to mention? The most important tip of all is to read my blog for valuable information on traveling with children! LOL! 🙂

    Seriously though, the BEST advice I can give to parents considering traveling with their babies is to practice babywearing because it goes where strollers don’t (plus it will save your back if you invest in a good carrier like the Boba!) and to breastfeed because it is FREE superfood available anytime anywhere – how can you go wrong with that? Oh, and travel as often as you can before your child turns 2 or else — you’ll have to pay full fare!

    Happy travels!

  3. My mantra for travelling with my son is to always be prepared. I make sure my bag is packed with everything he needs – from foods to anti-hilo meds, tissues and wet wipes, extra shirts and towels.

  4. Karina Alvaera says:

    babywearing is an absolute life saver when travelling with kids! Also make sure to pack at least one toy, snack and change of clothes whenever going out for the day!

  5. Carol Chan says:

    I always bring a first aid kit containing the family’s medicines for fever and flu, It’s hard to look for a drugstore in an unfamiliar place. A book and a board game works wonder in keeping the kids busy!

  6. Rose Tengco says:

    Travelling with kids require you to think 5 or 10x ahead. Papalabas palang ng bahay, dapat alam mo na, kung ano paba ang kailangan nila, o magiging problema nila. A little creativity will work too. If you can, prepare for one week,do it! There are things that we could forget if it’s done in rush and you’ll regret it for sure.

  7. I’ve been travelling with my baby since she was a month old. In all the times that I traveled with my daughter, the 1 thing that I wouldn’t risk and forget is water even though it’s kinda heavy. Of course, wet wipes and tissues are very handy and ipad with her favorite videos keeps her from getting bored. It’s also good if you we’re able to get a flight which is in sync with the kid’s sleeping time so it will be less of a hassle when in the plane. And you should always have a list and check it 5x before leaving the house.

  8. Camille Quiambao says:

    when traveling with kids, bring healthy and yummy food that will last long such as raisins.

  9. Travelling with my children makes me insane! I have three kids (7, 5, and 1 year old). We always go to their Lolos and Lolas every weekend at lunch time which means I have to get up early and start packing at 6am! It was a major productive number for me since our diaper bag/kid’s bag consisted of everything multiplies by 3! A big tote bag (which has 3 separate compartments/organizers) is all we need to put the essentials: milk, water, nappies, a set of extra clothes, medicine kit, face towels and wipes. It is very important that I label the organizers (large pouch) of my children so I won’t mix it up. Those essentials is what I prepared first. Then I also have a small document bag where I put all their favorite puzzle books and memory game pads (they love puzzles!). lastly, me and my husband sees to it that we bring the flash disk which contains all One Direction’s songs (they insanely love them!). Anything in between, we all sing, stop and stretch. =)

  10. celin mendoza says:

    Celin H. Mendoza 09179743056

  11. 0943-3680626

  12. dianneregina says:

    Bring something familiar from home. It may be your child’s favorite pillow or toy. Also, baby carrier and/or lightweight stroller are really helpful!

    Dianne Regina Villanueva

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