Giveaway: L’Indochine Loves Hey Jow Layered Necklace

A few weeks ago, I shared the wonderful collaboration I recently did with two local brands I admire a great deal. Hey Jow & L’indochine. You can read all about this here.

And because these ladies are so generous, I’m thrilled to share that they are offering this beautiful #lindochinelovesheyjow layered necklace to one lucky Cat JL reader!

This is the length of all three put together when worn:


Here’s how to join:

Step 1: Like my blog’s Facebook page and L’Indochichine and Hey Jow.

Step 2: (You only need to choose one of these options)

a. Leave a comment sharing the dream destination you would take this beautiful necklace if you were the chosen one.


b. Regram my FB announcement or IG post about this giveaway.


c. If you’re not much of a writer leave your email address using the Rafflecopter widget below. It’s worth a shot.

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d. If you really want to make an impact and have the time, do all THREE options. (Must have a Philippine address to join)

Raffle promo ends on October 2, 2015. Hey Jow & L’Indochine will choose five finalists and I will announce they have been selected on my blog’s FB page.First finalist to email, gets the necklace! 

UPDATE (October 5): Five finalists have been chosen from L’Indochine & Heyjow! First finalist to email me at will receive this beautiful necklace:

  1. Karla Valero Herrera (from comments)
  2. Pom Reyes (from comments) 
  3. @carinamariecastle (from IG repost)
  4. @rhizaoyos (from IG repost)
  5. @cheekeegirl (from Rafflecopter)  

UPDATE (October 6): Congratulation to Karla Valero Herrera for being the first to email! We hope you enjoy your necklace! 

The #LindochineLovesHeyjow collection is available at L’Indochine stores at the 4th level of SM Mega Fashion Hall and at the 3rd level of SM Aura Premier.  

Find out more through their:

Website | Facebook page | Instagram

Learn more about Hey Jow through their:

Website | Facebook page | Instagram



  1. Rhio Angeline says:

    Hi Ms. Cat!

    I would definitely take this beautiful necklace on the next #KaRhiAdventure my very best friend and I are planning this October and in Bangkok too for the one week workshop I’ll be attending. 😉

    Rhio Angeline 🙂

  2. Gino Klint Jugalbot says:

    Im a gayguy and i love such any accessories/jewelries. Ill rock this one on my second part of my Eat Pray love journey in India soon….Bali was amazing… India would be next…

  3. Will take and wear this beautiful necklace on my bestfriend’s wedding next month in Tanay, Rizal..

    henley tabal

  4. Patricia Dizon-Serra says:

    Hello! I would love to wear this necklace in Singapore where my husband and I planned to go to. It will be our quick escape from all the work here in the Philippines 🙂

    (0932) 735-1124

    Since my regular routine where I can dress up is at office and for weekends with my kids going to the mall, I’d probably wear it at both cases and at times when I need to attend to formal occasions. The jewelry can be worn for a casual to a formal get-up. It’s soo glorious! I’ll keep my fingers crossed on this.

  6. Annabelle lee-Barlis says:

    I would like to go to Paris wearing this beautiful necklace #Lindochinelovesheyjow I think It’s every girl’s dream to have their foot landed in the City of Love. This exquisite necklace would definitely match my outfit while I watch the sunset from atop the Eiffel tower. This fine jewelry would also suits my Parisian dress while I enjoy an afternoon tea. Will also wear this brilliant jewelry as i go to a romantic date with my Hubby when we are going to dine under the stars in Eiffel Tower. I can already imagine people are staring at my piece of sparkling gem and maybe some will come unto me and ask me where did I get this pretty accessories? Just like Paris, this layered necklace is so beautiful, magical, chic, elegant, and full of Love. For I believe that making this Jewelry is so hard and it is really crafted/done with Love. This necklace embodies Classic and Timeless just like Paris. And as they say, Aside from Love, they say that Paris is where Beauty and Style reigns. And so it is just fitting to visit Paris with my piece of Beauty and Style.. With my #Lindochinelovesheyjow necklace.

  7. Christine Santico says:

    I hope I win this necklace so I could take it with me in my future trips to Hong Kong and Australia. This would go well with all the clothing pieces I purchased from Lindochine ❤️

  8. Hi Cat! I would love to wear that necklace while watching the northern lights in Scandinavia! It has always been my dream to watch the aurora borealis and am really trying to save up so I can experience the amazing light show?

  9. I’d love to wear this necklace on a trip to Greece! This would also be beautiful with my outfits at the office ?

  10. Karla Valero Herrera says:

    I would love to wear this pretty and sophisticated necklace to Paris, my dream honeymoon destination, with all the love and lights of the city glowing and shining through my eyes while eating french macarons haha.. i hope to win this necklace so I can wear them on my birthday on Oct 6, first birthday as MRS. 🙂

    Karla Valero Herrera

  11. My dream destination is not a physical place. If I win this piece, I’d be taking this baby with me on my masteral paper presentation in December, should all things align. I’ve been taking my Masters in Environment since 2012 and I guess it’s my year to show what I’m really made of. L’indochine and Heyjow are my favorite shops simply because they speak to my soul of passion and beauty; things that made me choose Environment for my Masters degree. The blue color is just right for my major which is on coastal resource management.

  12. I love how these necklaces are so beautiful when worn alone moreso if you layer them all together! It’s like each neckpiece deserves a destination of it’s own! That said, it would be lovely to go on a tour and then wear all three in a super special final destination. So, here goes!

    I’ve always dreamt of going on an Asian surf tour a la Endless Summer. So I’ll go first in Siargao (I’ve never been!) and appreciate the world-class waves we’ve got here in the PH, first! I’d wear the shortest necklace first as a sign that it’s just the start of my trip! Next stop, adding the piece with the blue stone, I’d go to Hikkaduwa and Galle in Sri Lanka and blend right in with the bright blue ocean and an even more colorful cultural scene, too.Third and last, with all three necklaces marking my final stop, I’d go to Lombok Island in Indonesia. It’s the perfect mix of surf and scenery, where luxury is provided for by the 5-star accomodation of nature itself, pretty much like how the necklace feels like when worn!

  13. Hi Cat,

    I would like to win this for my wife for when we go to a yet another nature trip in Bali, which is our favorite place in the world.


  14. I would love to wear this in Kuala Lumpur for my graduation this coming November!

  15. Since becoming pregnant this summer, I’ve started appreciating basic and neutral clothes more. And to make it more fun, I’ve been experimenting with accessories. I’d love to go back to Paris one day with my husband, and by that time, have our baby with us too!

  16. Gladys Machacon says:

    I’d wear this necklace when I finally go to New York City! 🙂

  17. Andromeda Reyes says:

    I love how these necklaces are so beautiful when worn alone, more so if you layer them all together! It’s like each neckpiece deserves a destination of its own! That said, it would be lovely to go on a tour and then wear all three in a super special final destination. So, here goes!

    I’ve always dreamt of going on an Asian surf tour a la Endless Summer. So I’ll go first to Siargao (I’ve never been there!) and appreciate the world-class waves we’ve got here in the PH. I’d wear the shortest necklace first as a sign that it’s just the start of my trip! Next stop, adding the piece with the blue stone, I’d go to Hikkaduwa and Galle in Sri Lanka and blend with the bright blue ocean and an even more colorful cultural scene, too. Third and last, with all the three necklaces marking my third and final stop, I’d go to Lombok in Indonesia. It’s the perfect mix of surf and scenery (and hopefully, shopping), where luxury is provided for the the 5-star accommodation of nature itself, pretty much like how these 3-layer necklace feels when worn!

  18. Oh wow that color is calling my name! 🙂 New York will always have a huge part of my heart, and would love to wear this with me when my family and I spend the holidays there this year. Hi Cat!

  19. Faye Karen Go says:

    Visited Bali 2 years ago with my hubby. We did not have any expectations about the place but ended up loving it and promising to ourselves that we’d go back soon. These pieces would be perfect for the next trip to Bali maybe for our next wedding anniversary.

  20. My mom’s death anniversary and my birthday are four days apart. Since I always take a trip during this time, I make it a point to be in a place where I’ve never been before. As I continue to move forward bit by bit, I plan to revisit our days and plan let my new chapter unfold somewhere in Batanes. This place has always been on my bucket list and I remember telling mom how much I look forward to that trip. Bringing this necklace with me to Batanes is much like bringing mom’s memory with me.

  21. Hello! 🙂
    The necklace is so pretty! I would definitely take this with me to New Zealand. That’s my dream destination. I love its nature-feels places. I’m also a fan of the Hobbit/Lord of The Rings so yes. 🙂

  22. Never won such #giveaways sad to say but i know my sister-in-law would love to take this intricate #lindochinelovesheyjow layered necklace to her graduation rights next year in Quezon! I know this province will always be dear to her 🙂 Hi Ms. Cat! ???

  23. I’m going on a trip of a lifetime to vibrant Spain this coming November. This beautiful trinket will definitely give any outfit the added color and oomph and be a conversation starter for all the new friends I’ll encounter 🙂

  24. Nadine Echavia says:

    I would wear this everyday actually (outfit already planned in my head). But i can also see myself wearing this on my laidback/ bohemian-ish wedding next year. Or an a long planned trip to Bohol this November. Or on a family staycation this Christmas. The possibilities are endless!!!

  25. I hope to finally see the beauty and history of Cambodia with my best friend in January. I would love to wear this jewelry there and make that trip truly memorable. The layered necklace would always remind me of something special and beautiful.

  26. Carina Marie Castillo says:

    A life hack that I live by when packing is bringing a plain WHITE T and a JEWELRY. A plain t-shirt can go with almost any outfit, I can dress it up or down. The white t-shirt goes perfectly with shorts, or pants and the sandals or heels! And the short gives a pristine backdrop for HEY JOW’s LAYERED NECKLACE -perfect cultured fashion statement piece that embodies L’Indochine curated inspired living! I will definitely bring this on December when I visit my dream country, AUSTRALIA! #lindochinelovesheyjow

  27. Ida Fe Omana says:

    I will be wearing the necklace on my birthday which is on Oct. 6.
    And that would make my day very special.
    Thanks in advance guys.

  28. Abigail Teofilo says:

    As much as possible, we make dreams a reality. We’ve always wanted to bring our son to the mountains. This October, we’ll be hitting the Ifugao region with our Pre-K. It’s his first time going up north. It’s a 5d/4n laid back road trip with my husband and son. A little glamor is very much welcome. Consider it a gift too since it’s a birthday trip. 🙂

  29. Hi Cat!

    If I would be given the chance to have this very beautiful necklace (with very, very, very cool & chic charms!!!), I’d probably wear them (should I be blessed with the opportunity) in BHUTAN.

    My personality pretty much reflects Bhutan – may not be economically performing well but it sure is one of the happiest countries in the world! I also have high regard for this country as it boasts of its simplicity and its earnest desire to keep the country’s heritage and protect its natural beauty.

    When I saw the design, I immediately thought of Bhutan and how the three-piece layered necklace pulls that sense of harmony, balance, simplicity and tranquility.

    So even if it might take a few more years before I can set foot on Bhutan, wearing this necklace would empower and encourage me to reach for my dream and that wherever my path leads me – I will always have in me that gentle, quiet and sincere tranquility in me.

    Namaste 🙂

  30. I would love to take this with me on our honeymoon in Bali.

  31. I am a fan of handcrafted jewels. And if I win this, I will be wearing this on our office holiday party 🙂

  32. michelle sing says:

    I’ve been searching for the perfect layered necklace. Finally! My search is over. Simple but unique. It would defintely adds character any outfit. I would surely bring this to my next cruise vacation. So excited to get a hand of these gorgeous pieces!

  33. michelle sing says:

    ’ve been searching for the perfect layered necklace. Finally! My search is over. Simple but unique. It would defintely adds character to any outfit. I would surely bring this to my next cruise vacation. So excited to get a hand of these gorgeous pieces!

  34. If I were to be the lucky one that will win the beautiful necklace, I would take it to Little Baguio in Mindoro. That is my ultimate dream destination. For past 8 years now of doing social work in conflict affected areas, I realized that poverty is not the end of everything and is not the everything at all. The people, especially the children in Little Baguio, Oriental Mindoro has not seen light in many years. They have not been reached by electricity in this modern age. Inspite of the darkness that surrounds them, the children of Little Baguio, remain optimistic about their future. That is where I realized that HOPE can have the power to change everything. When there is hope, stars will come out of the darkness. I want to carry the LIGHT that’s in the necklace when I go there and share my hope to them.

  35. celin mendoza says: I 09179743056

  36. Natalie Duncan says:

    I would wear this gorgeous necklace on a trip to beautiful Palawan.

  37. Ice Punzalan says:

    That fab necklace will look great for next summer’s music festivals!

  38. Faye Rulloda says:

    I would like to wear this beautiful necklace everyday. I’ve been wanting to have a layered necklace piece to complete my outfit. And of course, parties and events for Christmas has been scheduled already, and i want to wear this for those events.

  39. I would love to wear this to San Sebastian, Spain while navigating all the pintxos bars! I typically wear basic clothes when traveling and this necklace would be a great accessory to make my look more polished and interesting! 🙂

  40. I want to wear the necklace to my upcoming road trip to Ilocos Sur this December. It would look so good with my L’Indochine crinkled Indian maxi skirt (bought last June specifically for the December beach vacation) and a white tank top – a dreamy boho look that will be perfect with the sea, the sand and the breeze. Being a mom to 2 kids won’t stop me from channeling my inner Vanessa Hudgens! 🙂

  41. sherry ann gole cruz says:

  42. Vina Llorente says:

    I would like to wear these necklaces to El Nido Palawan, Dream destination with the man whom i married. We never had a honeymoon. 5 yrs ago ito ang pangarap namin, but didn’t happen.
    But still we are waiting for the blessing from above. i know it will happen. at hindi para sa aming dalawa lang. kasama na namin ang pinakamamahal naming angel, our Jedi 🙂

  43. Hi Cat! Thank you for giving us a chance to own a Hey Jow piece. Ever since the brand started, I always wanted to own one. I ‘m going to Chiang Mai this November to join the release of thousands of lanterns during the Yi Peng festival. This is a dream come true for me and something more than just travelling.. The release of my lantern is symbolic. It is letting go of the things that weigh me down, of all the negativities that I harbor in my life, and of all the excess baggage I carry with me. And I want to wear that Hey Jow piece when I do that. 2015 welcomed me with so much challenges, the darkest chapters of my life began in February when Mama got sick. This year has been really tough. I am not telling this to gain pity or anything. I am grateful of what I’ve been through and the privilege given to me by God to provide for my family. I must admit that there are times when selfishness gets the best of me and that’s an example of the negativity I want to tie to my lantern and release from life. To let go of what I can’t control and to revel and learn as much as I can from this chapter of my life. Not that I’m waiting for Yi Peng to get me started, . For me, everyday is an exercise to stay positive, to come up for air, to celebrate even in the simplest of things, and to remain grateful despite and in spite of a very discouraging world. That Hey Jow piece is worth celebrating for and I can’t wait to wear it this November surrounded by thousands of floating lanterns and anchored on the commitment to always, always, look for the silver lining. Thank you, Cat.

  44. Jerry Chan says:

    Jerry Chan
    I would love to win for my wife. I know she would love these necklaces and would wear them wherever she go. October is her birth month so keeping my fingers crossed.

  45. Carmina H. Decena says:

    How i’d love to wear this versatile layered HeyJow necklace as I travel and tick off each of the boxes on my travel bucket list! It’s a lengthy list but here are some of them.

    1. Island hopping in the Philippines and immerse myself in the beauty of our country’s natural resources.
    2. Trace the history of civilization by travelling to key cities that were once great empires bustling with culture and trade.
    3. Learn about Italian cooking by travelling to the different regions of the Italian countryside.

  46. Joni Tan Corral says:

    If i win this set, I will wear it to CEBU. My husband and I are in the middle of choosing among the many beautiful island beaches there to visit brining along our first-time-airplane-traveller daughter and her beloved first-time-airplane-traveller yaya. The necklace exudes elegance while maintaining simplicity, just like a Filipina. Let me win this set, please, because IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES! =)

  47. Rubi Avisado says:

    I love L indochine and heyjow! I’d wear this layered set to my dream destination in Morocco!

  48. I would definitely take this baby to Maldives!

  49. Motherhood had since set my foot aground at the best world there is- my 4-year old son and my almost 3-year old twin daughters. And for now, at least, a leisurely travel to fancy places is just part of my bucket list. But, hey, I can always wear this pretty necklace (to add magic to simple tees;definitely another cant-go-without, apart from my mascara! :-D) when bringing my son to school, to my coffee chats with friends, or dinner with my hubby. When you’re a mom of three, every moment you step out of your house, you want to look glamorous, because every place you go to always seem exciting…like you’re having a glimpse of another world – apart from your usual world at home. 🙂

  50. I would love to take this wonderful necklace from Lindochine to my dream destination in England because its a beautiful place and nice temperature there,like this necklace cool and so charming!

  51. I would love to wear this to a dream vacation in Greece! Always wanted to see Santorini! Mama Mia!,

  52. I would love to take this beauty to a chic escape to Morocco with my husband, celebrating our fifth anniversay. This necklace definitely compliments the vibe of my dream destination.