Giveaway: Boba 4G Carrier

I was recently (okay, not too recently- three months ago to be exact) given the chance by Babyland Philippines to check out the Boba range of carriers and I’m happy to share that I liked what I saw. I’ve tried all sorts of carriers for my kids, the wraps (which I find too long and hot), the slings (which work for short periods when they’re older) and the carriers like this one: the Boba 4G Carrier which can comfortably fit your child from 7-45 pounds.


I’ll start by saying that we own an Ergo carrier and that is what we used when we travelled with Fin through Sydney when he was a little baby and again when he got older. The Ergo fit our needs at that time, but let me share why I prefer the Boba 4G for our second time with Nara.


While the Ergo required an infant insert for when Fin was very tiny, which was fine in Sydney but when we moved to Manila it becomes way too hot to use, the Boba only requires an infant insert pillow placed on your little one’s bum, which allows for more air circulation and keeps your baby more comfortable. Nara was 2 months when these photos were taken.

Here’s a video from Boba to show you what I mean:

Like the Ergo, the Boba offers excellent back support so both you and baby are comfortable for long periods. We took an hour long walk with Nara sleeping comfortably and my back not having any problems.


When your child gets older, the Boba also offers foot straps so that your toddler legs are more comfortable, something I have yet to see for the Ergo.

Here are some other specifications for the Boba 4G Carrier:

1. Integrated infant insert to support the littlest little ones
2. The perfect fit for both front and back carry
3. Removable foot straps and sleeping hood customize the ride
4. Purse strap holders—you’re welcome, moms
5. Pockets in all the right places
6. Adjustable straps that help you find the right snugness
7. Ergonomic support that never quits

With all the talk these days about hip strain and infant carriers, it’s important to do your research and choose one that you feel is right for your needs. Here is what Boba had to say about safety:

“At Boba, safety’s just our style. Every element of every carrier (down to the very last thread, buckle and lead-free dye) is checked and double-checked to ensure you can enjoy freedom together without worry. Plus, we put lots of time and thought into our carrier use guidelines and gladly comply with all U.S. and European standards for child and babywearing safety. Read our complete safety stats. Compliant with CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act)
Rigorous third-party (SGS) testing of all carrier components.”

For our needs, we were quite happy with the Boba 4G which will be accompanying us through our travels till Nara no longer needs it.


Want to know the best part? One lucky reader is going to have the chance take home the Boba 4G carrier in the #wearallbabies design (a limited edition design done in collaboration with Jamie Grayson aka The Baby Guy NYC). This giveaway is courtesy of Babyland Philippines:



Here’s how to join:

Step 1: Like my blog’s Facebook page AND Babyland Philippines Facebook Page.

Step 2: (You only need to choose one of these options)

a. Leave a comment sharing why you’d like to own this Boba carrier.


b. Regram my FB announcement or IG post about this giveaway.


c. If you’re not much of a writer leave your contact information using the Rafflecopter widget below. It’s worth a shot.


d. If you really want to make an impact and have the time, do all THREE options.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Raffle promo ends on September 5, 2015. Babyland will choose their winner during the second week of September. 

*You must have a Philippine address to join*

UPDATE: Congratulations to KATRINA CLASARA for winning a Boba 4G carrier. We hope you enjoy baby wearing! 

For those who joined. Thank you so much for sharing your stories and taking the time. Please expect many more giveaways on the blog in the near future! 😀

The Boba 4G can be purchased through Babyland:

Facebook | Instagram 

Head Office: (02) 234-5113
Shaw: (02) 631-3371
Eastwood Mall: (02) 234-9168
Festival Mall: (02) 551-4203




  1. Hi Cat! We’re really dreaming of doing baby wearing and prior to finding out about the Boba, we were set on the Ergobaby. We’re on a tight budget though and the baby carrier is low in our priority list and it would be really great if we win this. 🙂

  2. Anne Lindsey says:


    I’d like to win this BOBA 4G baby carrier for my 4th child. This will be really helpful being hands free. I can take care of my newborn(I’m due this end of month), and also my toddler (19months) and my 2 schoolage kids. Thanks!


  3. Anna Nieveras-Estacio says:

    I am currently expecting my first child, and like most first time mommies, I have been preparing myself to give the best possible care and attention to my baby. I have read about the many benefits of babywearing, and would love for a chance to do so once my baby is born, with the help of a Boba carrier. 🙂

  4. Anna Nieveras-Estacio says:

    Rafflecopter entry –
    Name: Anna Nieveras-Estacio
    Mobile Number: 09175412871

  5. Yhangskie says:

    thanks for posting this review. I’ve been eyeing between boba & ergo, and this review really helped me decide which one to choose. But I do hope I’ll win this giveaway which will be my first carrier. I’d love to wear my baby the boba way.

  6. Rhean Delgado says:

    I’d like to win the Boba 4G carrier for our second baby who’ll be out in late December or early January. I also need this comfy carrier for my back since I have scoliosis.

  7. Hey Cat, thanks for sharing this. I’ve been searching for a carrier that won’t make my baby feel so hot and stifled in this Manila heat. This carrier looks perfect and comfortable. Crossing my fingers that I snag this one for our baby boy who is arriving in December 🙂

  8. Karen Padawag says:

    Like you, we’ve tried the wrap. As much as I love the handwoven wrap from Ilocos, the act or job of wrapping is not for us. We also had an Ergo but my 18-month old baby outgrew it at 14 months of age. Would love to have the Boba 4G for we love babywearing more than the stroller. The little tot loves to be carried whenever we are out but nowadays, its just my arms carrying him. It would be lovely and a relief to carry him with the Boba 4G.

  9. Rocel A. Villasis says:

    Would love to win this Boba 4G carrier for our second baby (I’m currently 4 months pregnant). I wasn’t able to wear our first child, so I am hoping this time I could do so and the Boba 4G carrier seems to be the perfect partner! I love that it offers excellent back support for both the parent and baby, and that it grows with the baby! I read that “carried babies are involved in their parents’ world; they participate in life, rather than see it as a spectator.” Would love to share our experiences with our little one as we plan to travel a bit in the next few years.

  10. Hi Cat! Thanks for sharing about this baby carrier! We used a hand-me-down carrier for our first 2 babies but I find it too complicated to wear. We would really love to have this baby carrier for our soon-to-be-baby #3 this coming end of September or early October. 🙂

  11. I would like to win this carrier so I can give it to my sister so she can easily carry her daughter, Lana. during their trips 🙂

  12. Irene Punzalan says:

    SSCs are quite expensive ,so it would be a delight to win this Boba 4G carrier! I have a wrap gifted to me I rarely use and I couldn’t share the love for baby wearing with my parents and in-laws due to the size of the wrap, plus they think it’s not that secure. I love the Boba 4G’s features. I’m sure to enjoy baby wearing and share the experience should I get to win this.

  13. Michelle L. Relosa says:

    Hi Cat! I have been your follower for quite a long time now. I am a full time mom and buying this kind of carrier is not on my priority list since I don’t have enough money to buy one. It would be a blessing if I win this because I cannot carry my son for a long a peroid of time and for me to experience what is it like to have a Boba 4G carrier. Thank you very much.

  14. Hi Cat,

    We’re expecting a baby soon and I would love to have a good baby carrier since most of the time I need my hands free. while I do freelancing work.

    A stylish design aka The Baby Guy NYC would be awesome.

    Name: Ma. Clarice Lao
    Phone: 09324556623

  15. Ivee Terrenal. says:

    Hi! Im using ErgoBaby wrap right now. I was thinking of getting a new carrier since the wrap itself is very long and a bit heavy. Its my first time to baby carry so I end up getting the ErgoBaby wrap which is a bit over my budget. When I was looking for a carrier that time my only option was the sling (not recommended carrier) or this Ergo. Well my reason that I bought it without a further research is because we are moving to our new house and I want to help on some small stuff to carry and i don’t want to leave my baby unattended. It would be my pleasure to win this carrier and experience your journey with Boba since the wrap and the weight of carrying her was giving me back pains. I’m happy for you and Nara for finding your journey with Boba carrier more comfortable and easy.

  16. sidney lanuzo says:

    hi im a single parent to my firstborn baby boy with colpocephaly he just turned 6 months last august 6 and became more fuzzier he always want to be looking for affordable but durable ssc when i chance on this boba 4g carrier giveaway.hope ill be the one to get picked so i can work around the house while carrying my nathan rafael. thank you so much in advance

  17. Trina Matignas says:

    I’ve been looking for the perfect carrier so my husband and I can babywear our 4-month old daughter, Bea. I’ve tried using a sling and a wrap but they’re not the comfiest to wear especially as our baby grows. The past days, I’ve spent hours reading review after review of various baby carriers so I can make the best choice as these carriers don’t come in cheap. I have finally narrowed it down to getting either a Boba or an Ergo. Then, I chanced upon your review with a bonus giveaway! It must be a sign! The Boba 4G would be perfect for the mommy-and-daddy-on-the-go like us. We’d use it for our upcoming trips, for quick runs to the mall or even just at home when we need to free our hands and still have the baby close to us. My husband and I can share it unlike other size-specific too-complicated-to-wear carriers out there. The best part is our baby would be so happy feeling close to Mommy and Daddy as we travel and make memories as a family.
    PS. Winning this will also be the perfect birthday gift for me! (My birthday is on September 4)

  18. Donna Salvanera says:

    Hi Cat! I’ve been wanting to baby wear my baby and have been looking for reviews. I am happy that I got into your blog! I want to have the Boba carrier because of the benefits of baby wearing and based on your review and others that I’ve read, Boba is one of the best in the market today! I would love to win this great carrier brand!

  19. Carla M. Gesilva says:

    Hello Cat! Thank you for this review of the Boba 4G carrier. Both my husband and I are working so during weekends, we make it a point to always make our presence felt by our 4-month old angel, Tino. Even during errands, we bring him along to maximize the time that we are together. Guess our baby Tino feels the same way because we recently found out he doesn’t like the stroller that much and would rather be carried. We’ve been wanting to buy a carrier, however, it is currently not on our priority list in terms of budget. I’ve also been reading up on the benefits of babywearing. I hope I win this so we can provide all the emotional benefits to our little Tino.

  20. I’m just totally obsessed about carriers!! I love their form and function. What a great way to have a bond with your little one! I know the Boba is very ergonomic and safe for the baby as well and it’s great for Manila weather!! Hope to win this! I’m currently pregnant with baby #2 and this carrier will really be a big help as my #1 is only turning 10 months old tomorrow!

  21. I have a toddler and a 4 month old. I don’t have yaya or helper and it is just only the 3 of us during the day so it is kind of hard for me doing all the chores plus looking after my babies. 4g will be of great help for me. My baby likes to be carried most of the time so it’s difficult to finish my household chores. My back and arms were aching due to that. I pray to have boba 4g. Thank you for the chance you are giving. God bless you!

  22. Jaclyn N. Balisalisa says:

    Phone: 09198346066

  23. Jaclyn N. Balisalisa says:

    Jaclyn N. Balisalisa

  24. Camille Quiambao says:

    Camille Quiambao

  25. When I got engaged, a tita joked that she couldn’t wait “to see (my) huge half-Viking children!” You might say she did the fairy godmother thing, because her words came true – Nicholas Alexander Atticus was about 8.6 pounds when he was born, and he’s growing every day! After three months and a half, he’s getting a lot more curious about the world but he’s becoming very vocal about wanting to stay close (no pram, mama! I wanna see!).
    We’ve been given slings and carriers, but we have yet to find one that suits both myself and my husband. He’s got back issues and before I get any serious ones, we could really really use a good carrier. This sounds like it fits the bill! ☺

  26. Donna Sulit says:

    I’m a first time mom expecting our autumn baby by mid-September. I am very much keen on joining and absolutely hoping to win this contest because I want the best for my first born (as all moms do, of course). Baby wearing is one topic I have exhaustively read and am passionate about, given its benefits both to the mommas and the babies. And after reading this post, it sounds like the 4G Boba Carrier is a dream! At a glance, you’ll know right away that it’s easy to use and I just simply love how promising this carrier sounds. I can almost imagine being on the go for hours with the 4G Boba Carrier without sacrificing precious bonding time with my baby.

  27. Sanya Faustmann says:

    Have used the boba wrap since Diego was born for my long trips-weekend market jaunts and any event where I won’t need to take him in and out of the wrap. But at 8 mos, his weight and height drags the wrap down. So I’ve been dancing around carriers for awhile now, studying if which is good, etc.

    So here’s hoping I get chosen for this giveaway contest. My back could use the additional support. Hehehe


  28. Cookie Torre says:

    We’ve been very hands on parents to our 5 year old daughter, yaya-less and no helper at that. The Boba carrier wouldn’t just help me but my hubby too, especially we are anticipating the arrival of our 2nd child. Boba carrier will make me and my hubby even more Super as parents!

  29. Aubrey Diaz says:

    I’d really love and appreciate this Boba 4G carrier for my coming baby this December… I’ve been following babywearing groups and I just love how Moms (and Dads) carry their little ones with such ease and looking fashionable, plus the bond they create with their babies

    Name: Aubrey Gerard Diaz
    Mobile: 0925-880-8458

  30. Isabelle Sibayan says:

    Hi Cat,

    I’d love to win this boba carrier because I’ve heard so much about it, and I really want a very reliable and stable carrier for my little boy who doesn’t like to be put down on his crib all his waking hours. He loves to cuddle with me, leaving me with very little time to do my tasks. I need a carrier to keep him close to me, and still be able to do stuff. Carrying a 14-pound, 2-month old baby all day is definitely straining on my back, and with a boba carrier, I know I can do more without sacrificing quality time with my little boy.

  31. I’m a first time mom who loves the idea of babywearing. I use a SaYa VTB which I bought at Babyland Shaw. But my little boy has already outgrown it. I would love to have this Boba 4g to use since I wear my baby everyday for a minimum of 4 hours each day. I’m a stay at home mom with no helper, so a carrier of this caliber will really help me out. Please pick us!!! ???

  32. April Mae Garcia

  33. Dianne Regina Villanueva says:

    [B]ecause I’m ready to cuddle up and travel with my little cub,
    [O]wning this BOBA 4G CARRIER will bring lots of kisses and hugs!
    [B]ecause I’m starting out with this exciting babywearing journey,
    [A]n adjustable and easy carrier is all I need to keep my baby snug and happy!
    [4]5-pound support means this carrier can grow with us from newborn to toddlerhood,
    [G]iving me the comfort and freedom as I enter this new role called motherhood. 🙂

    Hi Cat,
    As a first-time mom in search for good quality stuff for me and my baby, I would definitely love to win this BOBA 4G CARRIER as I am looking for a bit more freedom while giving my little one the closeness she craves and deserves, and I know that keeping her close will be the best mommy-baby bonding we could have. This carrier will also help me in comforting my baby while managing our home as a wife and a new mother.

    Thank you for this giveaway, Cat JL × Babyland Philippines!

    Dianne Regina Villanueva

  34. it would be nice to try baby wearing for free!

  35. Jenina Tuazon says:

    Hi! First of all i wanna thank you for this post and Babyland store for being so generous to give the parents a chance to experience the joy of babywearing. By the way, i am a babywearing advocate mom and i babywear my child when he was 3months old in a handwoven wrap. Uhm, i love to put my baby in a wrap but it took so much effort to put him in and i notice that as the time is passing by, his weight is getting heavier that is why im thinking of having a soft structured carrier. And Boba is really my first choice. After a series of reviews to other people, i couldn’t resist myself to dream of having it. I say it’s a dream because first of all, we don’t have enough money to buy it. I am only a stay at home mom and my husband is only a service crew in a fast food restaurant. But of course we nurture our baby with our love . i breastfeed so i can give him the best nourishment. I babywear him always because he is kind of a clingy, he really wanted to be so close to me. He always wanted to be carried but i am only a petite mom actually. That is why im hoping and praying to be chosen to have this carrier. I would be so happy to have it since my baby will turn 1 year old in September 8. This could be a great gift! Thank you! 🙂

    Jenina Tuazon

  36. Aurora Aragon-Belen says:

    Hi Cat,

    I’d like to win the Boba 4G Carrier because of its outstanding features. I’m a new mom to a wonderful one month old baby girl and she deserves the best. Having a Boba 4G Carrier is one way or giving my precious one the best this life has to offer.

    Aurora Aragon-Belen

  37. Thanks for sharing this wonderful insight on baby wearing! I’m a first time mom and had been trying to find reviews on carriers. Given the many benefits of baby wearing to both mom and baby, plus no back strains, I think this product really suits every mom and baby’s need. It would be a great blessing to be able to use Boba carrier when baby is out! 🙂

  38. Charissa bagaipo says:

    When I was pregnant with my little boy, I tried to do everything to make sure he grows well – eat healthy food, excersise, sleep early, sang to him, talked to him and even told him stories. All of these for someone I have never met but already loved. Now that he’s 7 weeks old, I am determined to continue making sure he knows and feels the same care.

    Even though it hurt sometimes to breast feed, I will keep on because it’s what’s best for him. Even though doing laundry can be tiring, I’ll keep using cloth diapers on him because it’s better for him and the environment. Even though taking care of him meant I have to deprive myself certain luxuries, it doesn’t matter because watching and looking at him smiling, squirming or cooing is the best show ever! And even though acquiring something like a Boba seem impossible for our tight budget, I’ll try my best to have one even if it meant writing a comment when I’m no writer. 🙂 Why? Because I want to wear my baby properly and comfortably to give him the same security, warmth and love he knew for the past 9 months and I know a Boba 4g will help me achieve that goal. Thank you!

  39. Hi! I wanted to surprise my wife as she put this boba carrier on her wishlist as a first-time mom. I believe this can help her and our baby bond every time we go out in the future. With the ergonomic feature, I’m sure my wife and baby won’t mind doing long walks during our bonding time. This boba carrier will really be a blessing to us! More power! God bless!

  40. Hi, we have four month old fraternal twins, a girl and boy. Our girl is behind in size because she had severe IUGR in utero. On the other hand, her brother is enormous for his age! With two babies of such disparate sizes, we’re struggling to find a carrier that can hold both comfortably and safely, and one that my husband and I can share. The twins were preemies and up to now can benefit tremendously from being close to Mom and Dad. We hope a Boba 4G can finally help us take them out and about, and defeat the near impossibility of leaving the house with two babies. Thank you!

  41. Nina Misa says:

    Hi Cat! Iv been dreaming of a baby carrier and I think the Boba will be prefect for me and my growing family. When I was 16, I had a major spinal operation due to scoliosis and I am hoping the back support of the Boba will allow me to carry my baby given my situation. Hoping to win this!! ?

  42. Sabrina Galera says:

    I’m due anytime this month and winning this carrier will help me and baby stay on the go. Babywearing is something that my husband and I want to practice and with the Boba 4g, we can do that. To add to that, it’s chic and stylish which won’t clash with our style!

    Sabrina Galera
    0928 508 3361

  43. Jonalyn Magboo says:

    I’d love to have this carrier for hubby which always wanted to be part of babywearing experience. He loves to bond with our daughter and being able to babywear our little girl will surely bring smile on their faces. Hope I can win this. Thanks.

  44. I am joining this giveaway not for myself but for my brother and my cutie pie nephew, will definitely give this to my Kuya if I’l win so that he can stroll our baby Z in comfortably and safe!

    henley tabal

  45. Patricia Dizon-Serra says:

    Hello Cat and Babyland! I have been eyeing this carrier since I gave birth to my first born son, Miguel. Not only will I be able to use BoBa 4G on our family trips,but also it will help me multitask at home especially that I am a full time mom to my baby. I can wash my breastpump and accesories, arrange his clothes, sterilize etc. while carrying him with the help of Boba 4G. One more reason why I want to win this carrier is to Let my husband feel how wonderful it is to have a special bond with our child. Breastfeeding created a special bond between me and my child and with Babycarrying using Boba 4G, my husband and son would have a special bond as well. My son would feel so loved and nurtured not only by his mommy but also by his daddy. 🙂

  46. With my seven month old girl and an active 20months old boy I must say that this is really useful for us. I can easily hild my son without worrying how can I also comfort and snuggle my daughter. She loves babywearing and this will be perfect everytime we’ll fetch their kuya in school.

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