Priori CoffeeBerry Perfecting Minerals

Snapseed-13A few months ago, my skin and I were not getting along. I think it had a lot to do with my hormones going crazy after a full year of breastfeeding. Bottom line, my face was dry, blemished, and not happy.

I decided to go visit my derma and was intrigued when I spotted a makeup brand given prime real estate by the front desk. I know my derma to only put her name behind items that she believes in, so I was more than interested in what this brand had to offer.

Snapseed-14Priori CoffeeBerry Perfecting Minerals is a mineral makeup line from the US that goes beyond being just makeup.  Through the incorporation of coffee berry extract in their finely-milled all natural pigmented powders. The brand promises to improve your skin’s texture, moisture level, and evenness with each use. If you want someone else’s opinion, they have gotten great reviews from the gals at MakeupAlley. You can also learn more about their own clinical evaluations.

I contacted the EI Skin Laboratories, the exclusive distributors of Priori to the Philippines and they were more than happy to talk to me about what makes it different from other mineral brands in the market. They were also kind enough to give me a number of products to review. After a few weeks of use, here are my thoughts:

Snapseed-11Priori’s Perfecting Minerals Foundation promises to make your skin look better after each use. They note that they have seen positive results on people with rosacea, acne, and dry skin. In the Philippines, Priori offers three shades of foundation. I was shade #3 (for reference, I’m a MAC NC 40)


  • Lightweight
  • Has broad spectrum SPF 25 protection
  • Lasts the whole day
  • Didn’t make my skin breakout
  • Skin feels smoother after use
  • Has a nice slight shimmer to it, which gives skin a healthy glow look


  • Limited shade choices (I would have preferred a more yellow shade, but #3 is forgiving)
  • For those looking for medium to full coverage, this isn’t it. Coverage is quite light.
  • It’s important to note though that if you need full coverage everyday, it might be best to visit your derma.

I used this foundation for over three weeks daily and saw good results with my skin. It’s a wonderful daily foundation that lets your skin breathe while offering sun protection and good for you nutrients. You can see what it looks like on my skin below.

Snapseed-10The foundation is easy enough to use with any decent Kabuki brush. Priori also has their own if you don’t own one for yourself.

Snapseed-12Simply tap a bit of the foundation into the cap and swirl. Tap of excess foundation before gently placing the brush on your face. Put more powder where more coverage is needed.

Snapseed-9To compliment their Perfecting Mineral Foundation, Priori offers a few other products. Here are my thoughts on them.

Snapseed-15Perfecting Concealer SPF 25


  • Easy enough to use with a brush
  • Stays on for most of the day
  • Has SPF protection which is great for the under eye area


  • Only one shade available, which was way too light for my skin tone
  • It doesn’t offer decent coverage for dark blemishes. Better for redness.

Snapseed-8Finishing Touch


  • A decent enough finishing powder that helps set your mineral makeup for the whole day.


  • None really. It works just as well as others in the market. It might be too light for darker skin, but if blended well it’s quite translucent.

Sun Kissed 


  • A lovely bronzer blush that gives you an “I just spent the whole weekend lounging by the infinity pool” look


  • None. Just remember that a little goes a looong way. This bronzer/blush will last you forever

Bottom line:

Priori is definitely a high quality makeup brand that is worth its price tag. I’m happy to report that the wonderful people at EI Skin Laboratories, would like you to try Priori for yourself.

Get the look:

Priori1. VMV Armada SPF 30

2. Makeup For Ever Full Cover Concealer under the eyes (10 Golden Beige)

3. Priori CoffeeBerry Perfecting Mineral Foundation SPF 25 (#3)

4. MAC Powder Blush (Peachykeen)


Priori Philippines would like to offer three lucky readers a chance to try a few CoffeeBerry Perfecting Mineral products. Delivered straight to your doorstep. 

 Leave a comment on this post saying why you’d like to try Priori’s CoffeeBerry Perfecting Mineral Line. 

3 Priori will contact my three choices by October 15, so they can ask you which shade will suit you best.

If you’d like to learn more about where to purchase Priori in the Philippines, please contact EI Skin Laboratories through their:

Website | Facebook

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UPDATE: Thank you for joining everyone. Winners were chosen last October 15. They are:

1. blanquita de la fuenta

2. Lorevi Dela Merced

3. Rowena Tiongco

Please expect an email from the wonderful people at Ei Skincare soon! 



  1. Hi – Thank you for sharing this.! I don’t use a lot of makeup because my skin is very sensitive. I am still trying to find a brand that is right for me so maybe this is something I should try.

  2. I too have sensitive skin. I have always been a self-conscious person because of my pimple marks which I always hide through thick makeup. It adds more to my dilemma since it irritates my skin. Also, with the weather here in the Philippines, make up is not so much of a healthy option. Seeing your picture above with just a touch of blush, looking so healthy and almost as if there’s no make up at all, I wanted to try it on for myself.

  3. Ellen May says:

    Thank you for sharing this Miss Cat! I experienced your exact dilemma, too! My hormones are so out of control after I weaned my little one, and I’m still in search of products that could help my skin. I changed my skincare regimen which made it noticebly clearer now, but I found that using my usual makeup stuff is still a no no. I want to give this a try, and seeing that it gave you great results makes this makeup line sound really promising! ♡

  4. i have been battling acne since my teenage years until adulthood.

    i have been struggling to find the best mineral makeup that not only covers my blemishes but actually helps heal my acne and skin problems. i’ve spent so much time and money trying different brands. some are good but i still haven’t found the best one for my skin yet.

    it would really be great for me to be able to try Priori’s CoffeeBerry Perfecting Mineral Line.

    hopefully this is the brand i’ll be sticking with. Thanks!

  5. blanquita de la fuente says:

    Hi, I’m blanca. Thank you for this blog and for showing how this coffeberry powder made you look naturally beautiful. I am currently undergoing chemotherpy and it greatly affected my skin. It’s dry and dull. I would very much like to try this product to see if it would help address my skin concerns. Thank you.

  6. Lorevi Dela Merced says:

    Hi! I have tried in vain to find the perfect product for my skin. All I want is something that is natural and healthy for my skin. Believe me, the search ends nowhere. I’m still at lost. I just want a natural no make up look that wouldn’t make me look pasty. When I came upon your blog, it looks surreal, but really I have to try it because this might be the product that my skin has been waiting for like eternity. Thank you, hope to be the lucky one.

  7. Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay says:

    I am not really a make-up person and i just opt to have the :”natural look. Unfortunately, as i age the young looking skin is such a challenge to maintain and now i am in a situation that full coverage or protection is a must or else say hello to a haggard looking self. To be honest, i still do not have my own brand of foundation or powder because its either i get rashes or i am not happy about it or it’s not available locally thus impossible to get another one. So, knowing that there is a local distributor, its natural (safer for sensitive skin) and it lasts long makes it a must-try and i am looking forward to it.

  8. Lorevi Dela Merced says:

    Wow, thanks! Hope they will contact us soon.

    • Please let me know if they haven’t by the end of this week and I will follow up for you. 🙂

      • Lorevi Dela Merced says:

        Hi! I haven’t received any email from them yet. Thanks!

        • Thanks for the update, Lorevi! I followed up with the brand manager of Priori and they said that they will be getting in touch early this week. Please let me know if I’ll need to follow up again. 🙂

  9. Rowena Tiongco says:

    Hi Kat,
    I am thrilled that you chose me as one of the winners! I got the email already. 🙂 This will be a great early birthday gift for me. Thanks again and God speed.