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Carl and I recently explored Taipei as part of a long weekend trip with my cousins and it’s safe to say that pretty city surprised us. While many people still opt for Japan, HK, or Singapore, Taipei offers clean streets, an artsy culture, pleasant people, and delicious food. Being less than two hours away, it is definitely a destination worth checking out. Here are some pictures from our trip. Our itinerary is at the bottom of this post and some travel tips!

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial

1914 Huasan Creative Park 

Taipei 101 

Addiction Aquatic Development 

Songshan Creative Park 

Yehliu Geological Park 

Jiufen Old Road

Shilin Night Market

Bunker 42

Via Hotel Ximen

Where did we stay: Via Hotel Ximen (a cute little hotel in between lots of great shopping and restaurants)


Day 1:
Drop bags at hotel and hit Raohe Night Market (we feasted on xiao long boa, scallion pancakes, and beef pepper buns)

Day 2:
Chiang Kai Shek Memorial: Be sure to time your visit with the changing of the guards.
1914 Huasan Creative Park: Lots of cool art exhibits and stores.
Taipe 101: On a clear day head to the top for a gorgeous view of Taipei
Elixir Hot Pot: We found this place online for dinner and it was the best hotpot I’ve had. Make a reservation.

Day 3
Addiction Aquatic Development: Check out the prettiest fish market and have lunch there.
Lunch at La Mer: if you want to spend a little, have lunch at La Mer and
Eslite Bookstore near Songshan Creative Park: Stop by the ground floor for the DIY section.
Da Wan Dinner– A must eat! A casual dining experience all about the quality of meat. Make a reservation ahead!
Bunker 42:  A fun little bar right beside Da Wan.

Day 4
Yehliu- A very cool geological park with mushroom rock formations. Be sure to bring a hat and wear sunscreen.
Jiufen- An old mining town with an old road filled with interesting stores and food stalls. Be sure to stop by the Tea House that inspired Miyazaki’s ‘Spiriting Away’
Golden waterfalls- Honestly nothing to write home about. You see this waterfall on the way up to Jiufen.
Shillin Night Market- The biggest night market. Check out the basement food court and side streets. So many delicious food options, we loved the beef noodle soup, pepper buns, pork rolls, scallion pancakes, and pound cake.

Things to Know:

  1. It’s best to change money in the airport. Money changers are few and far between in the city.
  2. Using Uber is a great way to get around. Taxis barely speak English and sometimes refuse to take you where you want to go.
  3. We went in August and it was HOT. Be sure to bring shorts and dresses.
  4. Enjoy stocking up on sheet masks and beauty products! So many nice ones!

The Parent Files Season 3 Episode 7 | Travelling with Young Kids

When traveling with children aged 4-6, the trick is picking the right destination. Somewhere that offers hands-on activities, inspiring history, and even an animal or two can turn the dreaded “Are we there yet?” into “Where will we go next?” Watch this episode for amazing tips from our parent panel!

I personally love all the places and great tips offered by our guests for this episode. And like what one guest said, “When you’re travelling WITH kids, you’re travelling FOR kids.”. Do check out this episode for tons useful information!

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All Home Daang Hari

My little family and I recently discovered All Home along Daang Hari and I have to say we were pretty impressed. Just exit MCX along the South Super Highway and make a left, you can’t miss it!
All Home is a one-stop shop for home basics, furniture, lighting, storage, fixtures, etc . They have a great DIY section that can get help you learn basic carpentry, plumbing, and house maintenance. They offer tons of bathroom fixture options from top brands like INAX (a Japanese brand exclusive to All Home). Their tile section offers gorgeous sun-baked slabs from Italy and Spain, like Iris Ceramics an Italian brand also exclusive to All Home.

Here are pictures from our visit t0 entice you!

You can become an All Home member to earn fabulous discounts that can be availed in any other branches.

All Home has branches in:

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