Try Local PH Christmas List 2018 (Part 1 of 3)

In case you missed it the announcement, Try Local PH has partnered with Still Sunday Co  this Christmas to share a number of incredible local brands creating the perfect gift packages for this giving season. By supporting local, you’re making it a brighter Christmas for more people in our beautiful country. Check out the first batch of amazing brands doing giveaways on the page!

We are big fans of collaboration and we are digging this one between BeatnikMNL – who craft soulful leather creations & Get Rollin PH – who make ready to use essential oil rollers for the whole family.
They have come up with special edition 3ml holiday roller blends made using 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, all fit perfectly in a unique genuine leather pouch so you can take your oils anywhere you go.
The holiday roller blends are:
Snowflake: which help with allergies, congestion, dizziness, and body pains.
Christmas Spice: boosts immune system and supports overall health and well-being.
Silent Night: for relaxation and restful sleep.
All tucked in a Beatnik MNL stars embossed hand-sewn leather pouch. (*leather pouch colours/designs may vary and are subject to availability.)


100% pure and organic, harvested in the North of the Philippines and using eco-friendly packaging, this conscious honey brand works with local communities to uplift livelihoods as well.
They have come up with a variety of special holiday sets that would make sweet gifts. Pick one and place your oder with them today.


This proudly local family brand has been a staple in homes for some time now. The creation of Ysabel’s Daughter was inspired by Cristina “Coty” Cruz and her family’s very own backyard bee colony. The bees in their care generated honey so premium; it inspired her to create a line of products using this outstanding ingredient.


This home bakery (famous for it’s Oatmeal Choco Chip Cookies) has been making mouthwatering cookies, pastries and quick breads since 2009.
This holiday season they have created delicious cookie boxes for gift-giving & festive cookie trays perfect for potlucks and holiday parties.
Our pick, is the Christmas Cookie Tray. Choc full of Christmas-themed cookies (Sea Salt Nutella, Holiday Cranberry, Triple Chocolate and Christmas Santa Cookies) Plus sweet and savory treats, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, candy canes, and tiny twists pretzels. If that doesn’t make you a hit at your next gathering, we don’t know what will!
The Think Wink Cookies Box comes with 10 soft batch cookies sealed individually in clear, frosted pouches for maintained freshness and extended shelf life.


Tickled Tripper began as an initiative to help a local community by producing tote bags and pouches in 2013. To date they have continued to grow their product line and evolve into the brand that desires to put the “fun” in functional. Pictured here is the gorgeous Nolita macramé tote with leather accents and fringe details.


7 Grains Pantry is a convenient and sustainable “healthy food substitution” brand. They source and create the best possible healthy alternatives to the food we normally consume. Ensuring to deliver the highest quality, all natural and least processed options without burning a hole in your pocket.
7 Grains Pantry is perfect for anyone looking for products that are low in calories & have significantly less sugar and salt than its commercial counterparts. They do not use artificial colors and flavor enhancers or any other harmful ingredients.


Savonille is a daily mild cleansing soap made with licorice extract and pure natural fragrances from the South of France. It comes in three variants: Classic, Floral Fresh and Citrus Boost carefully hand wrapped in its delicate packaging. Savonille soaps are vegan and paraben & sulphate free. This Filipino brand also takes a strong stance against animal testing and is cruelty free.
This Christmas they have three beautifully packaged bars of soap in their Classic, Floral and Citrus scents inside a special Savonille Gift Box and Paper Bag with tag. Each 135gram size bar lovingly hand wrapped to make a memorable present.

Tune in next week as I present Try Local PH’s second list of Christmas brands! 

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The Parent Files Season 5 | Episodes 1 & 2

The Parent Files is back with more episodes to share how parents from all walks of life are raising their little humans! Here are the guests for our 5th Season!

Season 5 | Episode 1: The Art of Losing Well 

Children between the ages 8 to 10 are known to have a competitive streak and may not take losing well. Watch this new episode now and find out what are parents and parenting experts have to say about teaching their children how to lose with grace.

Season 5 | Episode 2: The Art of Losing Well 

Any parent will tell you that kids grow up so fast! And from the ages of 8-10, they are meeting new friends and seeing how they fit in their social environment. Get to know more about helping your children deal with their peers in this new episode of The Parent Files.

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Mr. Delicious Ready Made Meals

The Try Local PH Team was recently invited to an intimate lunch to learn more about the ready made meals of Mister Delicious PH.

Almost everything on our menu was simply heated in boiling water for 10 minutes giving you an instant hearty meal on a busy day. A big thank you to Jeremy and Jenn Slagle and Chichi Tulao of Happy Tummy Travels for inviting us.

On the menu were

• Soy vegan carnitas

• Pork carnitas

• Ham hock minestrone

• Green salad with Japanese tomatoes and hazelnut oil dressing (not part of the ready made meals, but a great idea of a side that can easily be made at home)

• Smoked ham hock fabada

• Beef brisket caldereta

• Chicken paella

After 2 years of intensive R&D, these ready made packs can be ordered online and delivered on the same business day if ordered before 4pm.  They can stay in the freezer happily for 6 months. Order yours at